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Episode Recap: MacPherson


Mrs. Frederic reveals that Artie and MacPherson once argued over using an artifact to save Carol's life at the expense of others. Artie hasn't trusted anyone since. Before MacPherson was expelled from the Warehouse and incarcerated, he was injected with a solution that reacts violently to proximity with the Warehouse walls. Claudia finds Edgar Allen Poe's pen for sale online, but when Artie clicks the link, it launches a virus that crashes their computers.

Meanwhile, MacPherson shows his wares to prospective buyers. It's his first step in setting up an auction for the various Warehouse artifacts he has stolen. Entering the factory later, the Warehouse team is greeted by one participant, who escapes...but not without leaving behind his jacket, where the team finds the address of MacPherson's auction.

At the auction address, a set of stairs leads to an underground storage facility, where the trio find rows of shelves with crates stamped "WH 13." Splitting up, Pete and Myka come upon Pak, Freitag and four other men gathered around a table with the Phoenix medallion. Artie steps into the light and opens the bidding.

Pete and Myka are trying to make sense of the situation when Artie approaches from behind. He tells them the auctioneer isn't him, and Myka notices auctioneer Artie is wearing Harriet Tubman's Thimble, which has properties of light refraction that cause people to see a different image than the one of the person wearing it.

Artie creeps down an aisle, but is grabbed by MacPherson, knife to his throat. Pete and Myka cuff auctioneer Artie, but MacPherson reveals himself and laughs, stepping aside to reveal, Artie, his wrists cuffed and his mouth holding a silver sphere stamped with a Nuclear Materials symbol.

Defeated, Pete and Myka hand over their guns. As MacPherson turns to go, Pete takes pieces of a Warehouse goblet from his pocket and throws them to the ground. The ear-piercing ping affords Pete enough time to tackle MacPherson as Myka removes the bomb from Artie's mouth.

After being questioned at the Warehouse by Mrs. Frederic and Leena, Claudia walks away from the B&B, bag packed. How could they think she'd do anything to hurt any of them, least of all Artie? The Warehouse is - or, at least, was - her home.

Pete, Myka and Artie return to the Warehouse with MacPherson. He's destined for the Bronze Sector, where the most dangerous people in history are interred. Mrs. Frederic deactivates the minerals in MacPherson's blood, so that he can enter the Warehouse unharmed. Once he's in the Bronze Sector, Artie throws the switch, closing the chamber and beginning the flash-freezing process. In the aisles, helping to replace artifacts, Pete's vibe returns. His feeling is echoed by Mrs Frederic, who senses something's not right.

In the Bronze Sector, the process is suddenly reversed! The doors open and MacPherson steps out. His liberator appears to be Claudia, but removes the thimble from her finger to reveal that she's really Leena. Artie fires his Tesla at MacPherson, but it has no effect! Artie and MacPherson struggle, but Artie is no match and MacPherson escapes.

Pete and Myka arrive at the sealed door to see Artie, semi-conscious on the floor, and MacPherson exiting into the umbilicus. Artie manages to stumble towards the exit, but MacPherson is already outside. Moments later, the umbilicus explodes in a massive fireball. Pete and Myka are finally able to pull open the door, only to see that the structure and Artie are both gone. Their devastation is palpable as flames and debris fill the air.