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Episode Recap: Magnetism


Still adjusting to their new job (and each other), Pete and Myka are sent to the upstate New York town of Unionville to investigate a incidents in which people are bizarrely, and sometimes violently, acting out. Bewildered, Pete and Myka canvas the town as more citizens begin to display symptoms like glassy eyes and loss of balance. Artie assesses the facts Pete and Myka have gathered and suggests they're on the hunt for anything that causes a chemical or electrical imbalance in the brain.

Meanwhile, at the Warehouse, frequent bursts of static electricity and light activity lead Artie to suspect that something is gravely wrong, and he turns to Leena for help. Leena believes the catalyst is an outside force.

In Unionville, the duo first suspect therapist Dr. Ellis Hayes, securing a recently purchased pocket watch that once belonged to mentalist Joseph Dunninger. But Father Braid assures Myka that Sister Grace, one of the victims, had never been to see Hayes, which puts the investigation back at square one. While visiting Father Braid, Myka, begins to experience subtle symptoms and, when she and Pete meet up, she has the desire to punch him - and does, also striking Sheriff MacKenna.

Once Pete bails Myka from jail, they realize that what they're looking for taps into the subconscious. They also realize that one of the only places Pete hasn't been that everyone else has is Father Braid's office. Learning that the priest's guest chair once belonged to his ancestor and the Father of Hypnotherapy, Dr. James Baird, Artie explains that the phenomenon could be linked to the chair's iron springs. As a direct descendant, Father Baird has the same vocal patterns as Dr. Baird. If the springs have become ferromagnetized after years of hypnotherapy and brain waves, they must have started working on their own to release sitters' subconscious desires.

As Pete and Myka ponder how to reverse the chair's power, screams send them into the church corridor. Sheriff MacKenna, shooting wildly, accuses Pete and Myka of planting a virus in his town. Quickly noting his glazed eyes and vest heavily loaded with explosives, the duo 'spring' into action. Myka tackles the sheriff, and Pete takes care of the chair as they race against the bomb's countdown. Once the chair is destroyed, Pete rips off the sheriff's vest and races out of the church, where the bomb detonates without injuring anyone.

Back at the Warehouse, Pete and Myka share their adventure with Artie, but his focus is elsewhere...KNOCK KNOCK.