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Episode Recap: Nevermore


At Bering and Sons Bookstore, Myka's father, Warren receives a 19th Century notebook. He's intrigued until the letters crawl onto and under his skin. Myka is chasing MacPherson, who seems to elude her and Pete at every turn, when she gets a call - her father is dying.

Meanwhile, at a high school in Portland, English teacher Mr. Ives asks student Bobby Busecki to stay after class. Ives, an Edgar Allen Poe fan, has a glass cabinet crowned with a raven and containing a 19th Century fountain pen in his classroom. Whispers no one else hears distract Bobby.

Myka arrives in Colorado Springs, surprised to find Pete there, but her father shrugs off any concern. Back in Portland, Bobby smashes the cabinet, and the pen launches into his grip. Simultaneously, Warren jolts and passes out. Pete uses gloves to grab the notebook. Myka's father has an artifact!

Claudia arrives post-haste, canister of goo under her arm. The book is submerged, but the writing remains on Warren's arms. Artie surmises the notebook is only half of the package; his guess is the other half is a pen. Based on an analysis of the text, he believes the author is Poe. Artie begins a hurried search for coinciding incidents and, shortly, he finds a link! As Warren yelled 'fire' in Colorado Springs, football star Parmut was burned in Oregon.

Once they arrive at the Portland school, Pete and Claudia learn about the theft of Poe's pen. Myka tends to her father as her mother shares that Warren has regrets about his life - he wanted to be a writer and wrote a novel. It was never published and he finally gave up, asking Jeannie to burn it.

Pete and Claudia enter Ives' classroom, where Pete hears scratching from the wall. Behind it, they find Ives barely alive. He reveals it was Bobby who buried him. Holding her own in Colorado, Myka speaks to Artie. Letters now swarm her father's face. Artie urges her to find words he loves. Jeannie reveals she didn't burn Warren's novel. It's upstairs.

Pete and Claudia find Bobby hand in hand with Tamara, who has been enchanted by the pen. Bobby points the pen and a sharp pendulum crashes through the door and swings toward Pete and Claudia. Suddenly, they're strapped to the floor - pendulum swinging above them.

In Colorado Springs, Myka reads the manuscript to her father. On the table, the notebook vibrates, while at the school, Poe's pen hits the floor, causing the pendulum and bonds to flicker. Claudia escapes and grabs the purple envelope to bag the pen. Bobby and Tamara emerge from a fog, dazed. Pete asks Claudia to get Bobby to a hospital, while Pete returns to Colorado to unite the pen and notebook.

Later that night, Pete sets the notebook down in front of Warren and holds the bag over it, sliding the pen out. Suddenly a maelstrom of dark energy arcs from Warren's body. Warren is back to normal, and doesn't recall a thing! But as Pete and Myka prepare to leave, Artie gets a hit locating MacPherson in Colorado Springs. Back in the bookstore, they find Warren and Jeannie frozen. It's MacPherson - he wants the book and pen. Myka hands over the package in exchange for her parents. MacPherson, triumphant, vanishes, leaving Myka crushed by the fact that he used them.