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Episode Recap: Regrets


When Artie receives word of unexplained suicides at a Florida penitentiary, Pete and Myka are sent to investigate. Prior to departing, Myka receives the Secret Service's final report on Sam's shooting. She can't bring herself to open it, worrying they've found it was her fault.

At the prison, Warden Huggins explains that there have been four suicides in the past month. In Matthews' things, the agents find a manuscript of "The Path" by Reverend John Hill. It turns out Hill is an inmate. On his way through the prison, Pete sees his father...

At the Warehouse, Claudia is doing inventory under a flickering light. She dons Alessandro Volta's Lab coat, said to increase biomagnetic attraction, and begins climbing a beam to fix the problem. She replaces the bulb, but now finds the coat's magnetic field has grown so strong, she's stuck to the girder!

Pete and Myka Farnsworth Artie with an update. Pete reveals he saw his father, which prompts Myka to confess she'd seen Sam earlier...oh, and a tropical storm is heading their way. Artie is annoyed. How many times has he told them that electrical energy can increase the intensity of an artifact ten-fold?

Suspecting Hill holds the artifact, Pete and Myka ask about his medallion. Huggins watches as Pete and Myka drop the medallion into the purple goo. But soon, it's clear the medallion wasn't the artifact, as another death takes place. Soon, Myka's jerry-rigged metal detector reveals the prison is built over a quartz mine. If the whole place is causing the hallucinations, what abated them for so long? The answer must lie with Warden Matthews.

Racing to the Warden's anteroom, they find that Huggins, hallucinating, has locked herself inside her office. Artie informs them that the frequency of one piece of quartz can be cancelled by pairing it with a second. Pete remembers a photo - that of a cross on the Warden Matthews' wall. Digging through the closet, they find the cross. Suddenly, Hill and his men are in front of them, with weapons.

They ready for a fight, but Hill tells them he's come to protect the Warden. They pop the hinges off the door and Hill steps into Huggins' office. A gunshot rings out; it's Huggins a vacant look in her eyes. Myka wrests it away from her, but lightning strikes again and Myka can no longer fight it - she's at the shooting in Denver.

Pete, too, is dazed: He's now standing with his father, who asks why Pete didn't warn him on the day he died in the fire. Pete steps forward and makes his peace, and is relieved to find himself back, but realizes Myka is still in her worst nightmare. Pete reminds her that she knows the truth: Sam screwed up. It kills Myka, but she tells Sam she has to move on. She embraces Sam but, once the hallucination subsides, it's Pete she's holding. They quickly place the cross on the wall. With the prison once again silent, Pete, Myka and Huggins recover but find Hill didn't fare as well. The bullet crossed through the leather copy of "The Path" in his shirt pocket.

Back in the Warehouse aisles, as a Brinks truck slowly inches towards, Artie realizes the magnetic field is far stronger than he anticipated. With the help of a crossbow, a ball of static lightning, a bicycle wheel, and a life raft, he frees Claudia from her magnetic prison. Safely down from the girder, Claudia writes lines on the blackboard in Artie's office as punishment. At Leena's, Myka looks at the still unopened report in front of her and contemplates opening it. Instead, she tosses it in the garbage - she doesn't need to see it anymore.