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Episode Recap: Resonance


As a bank is robbed in Chicago, Pete is in Warehouse 13, engrossed in a game of ping-pong with his reflection in Lewis Carroll's mirror, and Myka is on her cell phone with her mother. Noting this is the third bank robbed on a Friday at rush hour, Artie sends his team to the Windy City. Upon their arrival, they're quickly blocked by FBI Agent Bonnie Belski, who invites them to stay away from her investigation.

As another robbery may be in the offing, the agents must work together to crack the case. Watching surveillance video, Myka notices that someone in the bank was on the phone when the robbery occurred. Pete, Myka and Belski play the call for the bank teller in question. Upon hearing oddly seductive music, all she can tell them is that she "feels loved." When Pete mentions it sounds like his dad's favorite song - "The Center of My Soul" by the Bricktones - Artie makes some calculations and confirms it is Eric Marsden's (of the Bricktones) music...and that Marsden lives south of Chicago.

Greeted by Marsden's former backup singer Jesslyn, Pete and Myka learn that the songwriter is semi-catatonic. Jesslyn explains that all of Marsden's rights were lost in a terrible deal with Jeff Canning, head of Windy Lake Records. A visit to Canning confirms this, but also that there's an anonymous buyer interested.

Elsewhere in the city, the robbers have gathered for another heist. Carrying a case containing a recording of Marsden's music, Canning's receptionist Stephanie reveals to Marsden's recording engineer, Jed Fissel, that the Secret Service has joined the FBI in the investigation. Much to Fissel's dismay, though, they're going out again.

While on the phone with her mother again, Myka hears the reverberation of crashing silverware, which leads her to realize that all of the hits are dependent on the building's echo; the structural design, marble and stone are the key. With Artie's help, she pinpoints Franchise State Bank, which fits the same acoustic profile.

At the bank, Myka confronts the robbers and manages to take down Fissel. When Pete and Belski arrive, Myka confirms that the robbers are using a record player in a silver case. In Washington D.C., Artie has successfully gained access to Dickinson's computer files but is interrupted by Dickinson, himself.

In Chicago, Agent Belski and her entourage enter FBI headquarters with Fissel. Suddenly, Pete gets a vibe. Realizing the lobby fits the acoustic profile, Pete suggests Myka use the earplugs she bought on the way to the bank. As she scrambles to do so, the lobby is filled with music. The robbers disappear with Fissel, but not before Myka has a chance to drop her phone in his pocket, which allows Artie to track Fissel's whereabouts.

Back at the Marsden home, Pete and Myka find Jesslyn, Jed Fissel, Stephanie and Marsden, all contentedly enjoying the music. They realize that Stephanie is both the anonymous buyer and Marsden's daughter, and that she undertook the robberies for her father. The case has definitely struck a chord with Myka. Pete secures the record for the Warehouse, while in Washington, the Warehouse's security breach...has become a bigger problem.