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Episode Recap: For the Team


Since Pete is grounded after his meltdown, Myka hits the field on her own - with the help of Claudia as her apprentice. They head to Tamalpais University in California, where an underdog wrestling team has morphed into an unstoppable winning machine. Myka interviews the coach and hits a dead end, and Claudia, a nervous wreck on her first assignment, stumbles upon a mysterious happening - one of the team members spontaneously combusts, making it the second such death on the team. The ladies track down the coach's special medal, hoping it's the artifact they need, but find an even bigger surprise: HG Wells, hunting down the very same artifact.

At the warehouse, Artie's appendix is acting like an artifact, itself, by growing back - an annual event - and Pete picks up on some romantic vibes between Artie and Vanessa, the dedicated warehouse doctor. He urges Artie to ask her out, only to be met with trademark grumpiness. Vanessa has to leave suddenly on an emergency call, but Artie's appendix keeps growing, and Pete has no choice but to take him to his nemesis-cum-love-interest, Kelly the veterinarian. She reluctantly performs the surgery, though the sexual tension between her and Pete is still high. Artie gives Pete a dose of his own medicine, urging him to ask Kelly out.

After a pep talk from Myka, Claudia gets back in the investigative saddle, and learns from one of the players that the coach was acting scared and taking a payout from someone, but this information may have come too late - the coach is found dead in a hit and run accident. Myka catches up with HG Wells, and finds her vulnerable side - having lost everything she loves, she desperately wants to work at the Warehouse. She gets a chance to prove her integrity when the two are almost creamed by a speeding van: HG Wells whips out a homemade grappling gun and zips them to safety. Intrigued, Myka agrees to include HG on the investigation, if only to keep an eye on her.

Together, they find photos showing the inhuman transformation of one of the wrestlers from pudgy to ripped. Soon, they find a padlocked refrigerator full of an energy drink called Boiling Point, and head to the bottling plant to interview Jeff Russell, the owner of the company, and Dr. Mahoney, the developer of the drink. Claudia catches up with Wells and Myka just at the moment when they discover the cause of the combustion deaths: An artifact called Godfried's Spoon, used by a Viking prince to strengthen his armies. In a struggle to wrest the artifact from Dr. Mahoney, Claudia is thrown into a vat of the drink, and her skin immediately begins to bubble. Wells and Mahoney set to work trying to find an antidote, and before long, she is back to normal. Myka turns to thank HG, only to see that she vanished, leaving her grappling hook behind her.

And though Kelly initially shut Pete down, he goes back to ask again, with better success, while Artie finally works up the nerve to spend some quality time with Vanessa.