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Episode Recap: Merge with Caution


Myka and Pete are chasing down a jewel thief, and though they manage to retrieve the artifact, the thief slips out of sight. A nearby security guard tells Myka that the thief slipped out the window. They thank the security guard and bag the artifact, a statue of a griffon - and its eyes glow as they do so. Myka then readies herself for the challenge of seeing her teenage crush at her high school reunion, while Pete heads home to spend a sexy weekend with Kelly.

Claudia, meanwhile, has found a pattern among executives of an insurance firm: They're donating massive sums to charity, then leaving their wives. Since Myka and Pete are busy, Artie takes Claudia to investigate. Claudia's budding skills reveal that all executives in question have been to the same bar with the same woman. Upon arrival at that bar, they find a slinky blonde named Lauren playing footsie with a new exec. When the man leaves, Artie swings into action, only to return to Claudia moments later with the news that she's not the one they're looking for. Claudia knows what's up - Artie's been stung by the artifact.

Pete's time with Kelly is going well, and Myka is shyly approaching her high school crush, but this normalcy is cut short when the partners switch bodies. Pete grabs the griffon statue and heads to Myka's reunion. With help from Leena, they discover that the statue is a melding of two bookends, one lion and one eagle. At that moment, they find the security guard from the earlier chase, carrying the other bookend, and he morphs before their eyes into the jewel thief - the bookends have transformed these men in the same way Myka and Pete were transformed.

But the changes don't stop: Myka and Pete are soon melded - two bodies occupying the same space, switching back and forth between appearances. And the thieves are faring worse - their shared body switches appearances, then begins convulsing and eventually explodes.

Back at their hotel, Claudia tries to snap Artie out of his trance, but he's bent on visiting Lauren's house, leaving Claudia no choice but to handcuff him to the closet while she tracks down the perp. She may be too late, however, as one of Lauren's other victims, overwhelmed by love, surprises Claudia at Lauren's door with a gun. In a turn of karma, he handcuffs Claudia to Lauren's stove. Lauren, likewise cuffed, desperately reveals to Claudia that her power comes from a pair of stockings. As the executive returns and uncuffs Lauren, Claudia fears for her life, but then Artie bursts in on the scene, having escaped from his hotel prison. Instead of rescuing Claudia, however, he fights his rival for Lauren's affection. Claudia whispers to Lauren to get the stockings, and the two rip holes in them until the spell is broken.

Myka and Pete, still switching bodies, manage to switch the heads of the bookends, and are finally restored to their natural states. Pete rushes home to make amends with Kelly, and Myka works up the nerve to kiss her high school crush.