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Episode Recap: Vendetta


An emergency case takes the whole team to DC when Dickinson is found dead, all of his joints spread apart. Artie recognizes the cause as the chain from Torquemada's Rack - information he learned during his underground work in the Soviet Union, trading objects - artifacts - for political prisoners before Mrs. Frederick redeemed him and brought him to the Warehouse.

Back in Univille, Leena tries to patch things up between Claudia and Todd. He continues to act shady, prompting Claudia to stalk him, just a little. She learns that all information about Todd invented 6 months ago. Her curiosity spurred, she confronts him, only to learn that he's part of the witness protection program - and a total techie. With that information, the reunion is complete.

At Dickinson's funeral, Myka bumps into HG Wells, and learns the shocking truth: She asked to be bronzed after the pain of losing her daughter, then a fellow agent. Their surreptitious meeting is cut short, but when Sweetwood is found dead and Wells shows up on the surveillance footage, Artie, Pete and Myka track her down. Through a phone conversation, they learn that Wells found a card - the King of Hearts - on Sweetwood before the NSA investigators arrived, which Artie reveals was the calling card of his Soviet contact, Alexander. In Sweetwood's NSA office, Artie discovers that the killer was after information in Sweetwood's computer: A list of names that happen to be Artie's relatives, the people he freed from the gulag while working as a spy. Artie's family in danger, he, Myka and Pete fly to Moscow to try to stop Alexander from taking revenge on Artie's family.

No sooner do they arrive at Artie's old rendezvous point than Pete and Myka are distracted by a croquet ball artifact, and Artie disappears. Not surprisingly, HG Wells arrives soon after. Myka convinces Pete that they need Wells's help, and the three use items found in Artie's bag to track him down. They reach a deserted warehouse, appropriately, to discover that it's not Alexander, but his son, Ivan, wreaking revenge on Artie for the death of his father. Wells makes a dramatic attempt to save Artie's life, and while Ivan attempts to handle her, Pete and Myka take Ivan out with the Tesla gun.

After a full report of Wells and her contributions to various cases, her wish comes true: She is reinstated as an agent. This doesn't sit well with Artie, however, and he issues a stern warning to Myka that Wells can't be trusted, nor will he ever trust her.

And one bittersweet reunion meets another, as the union of Todd and Claudia is cut short as Todd is whisked away to testify against the mobster that caused him to be in protection.