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Episode Recap: Insatiable


Ithaca, New York is plagued by a gang of ravenously hungry, half-frozen cannibals. The symptoms of this zombie-like disease have Artie flummoxed, but Pete is ready with his gun to send two shots to the head. Days of investigation yield no leads, and the stakes raise when Pete gets a bite from one of the monsters.

Claudia is researching possible causes, but grumbling as she does it - a local rock star has asked her to be a part of his band, and she's missing rehearsal to do stupid Warehouse stuff. To make matters worse, the one time Jinks answers any of her calls is to yell at her to stop calling, and when she shouts her woes to the heavens, who should respond but a fortune-telling carnival game called Sallah. Sallah the mystic informs Claudia that she will die by nightfall. But this is hokum...right?

Myka and Pete interview members of a local frat who have reported that one of their brothers has this zombie sickness, and they realize that a bite doesn't seem to communicate the disease. When they do a mental line-up of all the victims, they realize that the common factor is a taco truck. They follow the truck to its latest outpost, a local power plant, but their car is soon swarmed by monstrous workers. Pete looks to Myka for back-up, but she lunges at Pete, jaws agape.

Pete makes a dash for the taco truck and searches feverishly for the Artifact. Manny, the owner of the truck, is huddled in a fetal position and has no idea what's going on. Pete, realizing that Myka paid without eating (the reverse of Pete's usual plan) smashes Manny's tip jar on the floor. Immediately, the bloodthirsty mob returns to normal, and Pete and Manny are safe.

Leena, back at the Warehouse, gets an alert about an active Artifact, and rushes through Warehouse rows to find Claudia being strangled by a strange water glob. Leena rescues her friend, who promptly bemoans her doomed state. Leena tells her that Sallah is no fortune-teller, but in fact a hypnotist. As long as Claudia believes she's going to die, her life will tell that story.

Claudia picks herself up, dusts herself off, and goes to tell the local musician that she's in, freaky secret job or no, but not before she texts Jinksie that she'll never give up on him.

Jinks reads her text in a dusty bar where his credit card has just been declined. A passer-by offers to pay his bill, and Jinks recognizes him as Sykes' right-hand man. The stranger offers Jinks a job, and though Jinks initially brushes him off, his bitterness is strong enough to at least entertain an offer.