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Episode Recap: Love Sick


Dr. Vanessa Calder arrives in Salt Lake City to investigate a rash of deaths - young women are turning to clay, and Vanessa's unique alignment with both the CDC and Warehouse 13 make her the go-to person to solve the crime. She calls on Artie to help her out, and not just because the two of them have a budding romance. Claudia goes along as back-up, and when Artie analyzes the victims' DNA and discovers that the clay transformation is being caused by a computer virus, he realizes they'll need even more assistance and calls former agent - and former mental patient - Hugo. But Hugo has a surprise of his own - turns out he and Vanessa were agents together years ago, and have a romantic history that seems very much alive.

And it might not be the only living romance: Pete and Myka are trying to piece together how they woke up in bed together, naked! Step by step, they work their way through their day, from accidentally getting drunk from W.C. Fields's juggling balls, to bronzing Jinks, to stealing Artie's toothbrush. Myka, with her killer foresight, knew that the drunken stupor would overtake them and they'd black out on the whole night, so she and Pete made it look like they had sex. By suggesting they did something neither of them would ever do, she forced them to get to the bottom of the mystery, rather than losing Jinks forever. They realize that they stole Artie's toothbrush so that his DNA could unlock Jinks from the bronzing cell, which they promptly take care of, and no one will ever be the wiser.

Artie and Claudia discover that all of the victims had receipts from a computer store called Tiger Direct, so the duo make their way there post-haste. Turns out one employee - recently fired - installed software on all of the victims' computers, and when he hacks into the store's security system to deliver a vindictive video message via all the screens in the store, Artie notices a strange necklace hanging from the boy's neck. Telling Claudia what it is - a talisman of a long-dead rabbi that created clay demons - he sends her to retrieve it while Hugo continues work on the antivirus.

As the video continues, beams of demonic yellow light emanate from the screens, infecting almost everyone in the store with the virus. But Artie realizes what it is and covers his and Vanessa's eyes just in time. Hugo, now turning to clay, must work as fast as he can while Claudia secures the artifact and beats a retreat back to the store to save everyone. Artie dons the necklace as Hugo completes his antivirus. The cure is disseminated, knocking Artie out.

When he comes to, Vanessa is watching over him. Hugo departs, and Vanessa tells Artie that after all this, he owes her a very nice dinner out, and Artie heads home as though floating on a cloud.

But what the agents don't see is that the small-time but talented hack who infected so many people with his recklessness has been recruited by Sally Sikowski, the FBI agent who is not what she seems. Could a crime network be gaining strength in the shadows?