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Episode Recap: Past Imperfect


Jinks and Claudia figure they have a simple bag and tag on their hands, but as they walk toward the car with a destructive doorknob in tow, poison darts hit them in the neck and they drop to the ground. When they come to, awakened by the licks of a strange dog, the artifact is gone. Artie instructs them, via Farnsworth, to head back to the Warehouse, and to bring the dog...strange cargo, sure, but certainly not the weirdest these agents have ever seen.

Myka, by contrast, feels as though she's been catapulted back in time when she sees her last partner's murderer dash through a crowd in the very city where the murder took place. Myka gives chase and the murderer evades her grip, but her hunger to catch this man after so many years is reawakened, and she won't rest until she's caught him.

Reluctantly, she realizes she needs the help of her Denver team, and together they deduce that Leo - the man who murdered her partner, Sam - is headed for the U.S. Mint. They try to apprehend him, and Leo leaps over a wall, once again slipping through their fingers, but the Warehouse agents smell an artifact behind his super speed. Moments later, they spot him again, and when he pulls a weapon out of thin air, Myka's colleague Zach drops him.

Artie is hard at work with the daily grind - trying to read the dog's mind via an antique set of fezzes - but takes a break to tell Pete and Myka that the only artifact at work would be an instrument from the U.S.S. Eldridge that freezes time for just under a minute while allowing the user to move through the freeze. This explains how Leo was able to leap over the wall, but the confused look on Leo's face when he drew the gun tells Myka that someone else could be controlling the artifact, as well - Leo could have a partner.

Myka returns to Sam's effects, and finds a card from him that he was planning to give her on the day he was shot. It has an audio file of a conversation between Leo and his partner in which they discuss how to take Sam out. Myka confronts Zach, who took Sam's job as Director of Investigations after his death, but as she tries to arrest him, she sees the other investigator, Jim, pull an instrument from his pocket and freeze time. She grabs the Artifact to keep herself from freezing, and she and Jim come to blows over the Artifact. In the tussle, Jim is thrust in front of a bullet, frozen in midair, that was intended for Pete. Jim falls, the scene unfreezes, and Myka has a very difficult but long overdue explanation to make to Zach.

Artie completes his canine psychic connection, gleaning the license plate number of the car of the Artifact thief. Turns out Sally Stukowski is behind the heist, and Artie knows that the Warehouse has a new enemy to look out for.