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Episode Recap: Queen For a Day


Some days, the people of Warehouse 13 are more mysterious than the artifacts, and when Pete's ex-wife shows up, you know that this is one of those days. Pete's ex, Amanda, came to tell Pete that she's getting remarried, and to ask for her grandmother's ring back. After a bittersweet encounter, Pete gives Amanda the ring, and she leaves for the Poconos to get married the following day.

But she didn't leave without a dangerous souvenir: Her bag bumped an artifact from Warehouse 2, a statue of a beehive created by Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt to make her subjects slavishly devoted to her. Amanda was stung by the queen bee of the hive, and now her entire bridal party is ready to do whatever they must in order to protect their queen, even if it means killing the groom!

Myka and Pete rush to the wedding site and explain the situation to Amanda. After great persuasion, she believes them, but it may be too late: The bridal party has the groom tied up, and they're going after Pete and Myka next.

Jinks and Claudia have their own worries: They're attempting to find Ulysses S. Grant's flask before one of the Civil War re-enactors drinks from it and starts to believe he really is the rebel general - no mean feat, considering everyone on the "battlefield" is drinking from a flask. While they hunt, Claudia tries to get to know Jinks, but he remains tight-lipped. But when they spot a Civil War enthusiast playing his part a bit too convincingly, and they know they've found the culprit. Claudia dresses as a southern belle and catches "Ulysses" off-guard long enough to whip out her Tesla and incapacitate the man. Jinks is impressed by her art, but also by her similarity to his deceased sister. He's not ready to open up, but Claudia glimpses the man underneath the professional.

Artie, holding down the fort, has learned that if the bee from the hive is held to Amanda's clavicle, it will draw out the spell and return the bridal party to normal. Our heroes melee with the crazed bridesmaids and groomsmen and knock them out, buying Myka time to perform the reversal. With equilibrium restored, the wedding takes place, and the new couple and Pete give their fond farewells.

Back at the Warehouse, Jinks is finally ready to talk to Claudia about his past. The two agents bond over how similar Claudia is to Jinks's sister, opening a new chapter in their lives.