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Episode Recap: Shadows


Mrs. Frederick needs all hands on deck to counter the attacks against the Warehouse, but Pete's struggling with the fact that his mother, Jane, has kept the secret of her life as a Regent from him his whole life. When Mrs. Frederick suggests that Jane use an Artifact to comb her own memories to follow up on a lead - the words "A to Z Industries" - Pete insists on going with her. "It's my life, too," he declares.

Myka and Claudia are being similarly contentious: Claudia demands answers for why Jinks was fired, and Myka's freaking out about the continuous assassinations of the Regents. But pings stop for no man, and Artie must send the two agents to Portland to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a t-shirt factory owner in a blinding flash of light. Another man soon gets vaporized - unlucky for him, but lucky for the investigation in that Myka and Claudia are able to trace both men to a former t-shirt factory worker and current shut-in named Megan.

Megan pleads from behind a locked door for the agents to leave, but when they knock the door down, they find Megan cowering on the floor, crying that she's been killing people whenever she gets upset. Myka and Claudia search in vain for an Artifact in the apartment, and ultimately convince Megan to go with them to the factory to investigate. On their way there, they bump into the landlady, temper flaring at Megan to pay her rent, and soon flaring in a flash of light that extinguishes her life.

Just then, Myka notices a strange shadow like those that appeared after the atomic bombs were dropped in Japan. Based on the way the shadow falls, Megan couldn't have caused the blast. Myka investigates and finds glitter at the hypothetical vantage point - glitter like that used at the t-shirt factory. On a hunch, Myka looks through Megan's yearbook and finds someone from her hometown who now works at the factory. She convinces Megan to approach the boy - Jeff - who seems to have been "protecting" Megan by killing anyone who upset her. Jeff senses that something's up and nearly kills Megan, Myka AND Claudia, but the agents get the drop on him and wrest the Artifact - binoculars that saw the Hiroshima blast - from his psychopathic grip. Megan is safe, and grateful.

Pete and his mom, meanwhile, have traveled to the day of Pete's father's funeral, which was also the day that Mrs. Frederick appealed to Jane to return to Regency. When Pete sees that Jane was torn between care for her family and a desire to protect the world from peril, he can make peace with the long-held secret. And Jane also gets the information she needs: A to Z Industries comes from the name of a little league baseball team, the Aztecs. One of their players, years ago, came across a wondrous bracelet, and Jane prevented the Artifact from planting a seed of evil in the boy's heart.

Or did she? In a secret location, Walter Sykes, the now-grown little leaguer, has made a corpse of yet another Regent, and shows no signs of remorse, or of stopping his career of destruction.