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Episode Recap: The 40th Floor


When Warehouse Regents start disappearing, the agents know they have to track down Sally Stukowski, the sometime FBI agent who's been pilfering Artifacts. Using peaceful but surefire interrogation methods, they learn that her target has been an office building in downtown Atlanta. When they arrive on the scene, however, they don't find a den of evildoers, but rather a stronghold for the remaining Regents. Artie and Myka get the Regents and their security detail up to speed and convince them to evacuate, but it may be too late: A giant, spray painted anarchy symbol is radiating corrosive energy, making both the stairs and the elevator treacherous to descend. The group flees to the roof and contacts Pete, Claudia and Jinks to send a helicopter to save them.

But Mrs. Fredericks, realizing that not even a helicopter will make it in time, takes Stukowski's interrogation into her own hands. She uses Artifacts to torture the double agent to extract information on how to stop the corrosive energy that has her team trapped on the building. Jinks witnesses these nefarious techniques and can't abide by them: He pulls a gun on Fredericks, unwittingly giving Stukowski a window of escape.

But before Stukowski slipped away, Mrs. Fredericks was able to learn that the spray paint has something to do with the Berlin Wall. Pete, having learned that Stukowski was working with a partner, tracks this man down. He retrieves the Artifact - a can of spray paint - but not before the man issues the ominous statement that they're all pawns in a doomed game, points the Artifact at his own head, and kills himself. Pete is wracked with guilt, but must save Myka and the Regents. He grabs the can and rushes to the building, where Artie and Myka have already lost the head of security to the ravenous energy spikes.

Artie spies a window washing unit that they may be able to use to lower themselves to the ground, but as they dash for it, one of the Regents is crushed by falling debris. As the corrosive energy consumes his body, Myka witnesses a bizarre transfer: the dying Regent removes a shackle from his wrist, and with a flash of sparks, moves it to the wrist of another Regent named Jane. Jane is now the chief protector of the Warehouse, and the shackle on her wrist, dating from the time of Genghis Khan, ensures that she will be so until her dying day.

Pete, meanwhile, uses the spray paint can to override potency of the anarchy symbol, born from a divided Berlin, with the symbol for peace and his own strong wishes for the safety of his partner and the Regents. But as equilibrium is restored here, chaos reigns on another side of town, where Stukowski is killed for being unable to destroy the Regents.

When Myka recovers from her trauma, she thanks Pete for saving her ass, and he thanks her for saving the Regents, asking about the mysterious newcomer, Jane. Myka brings Pete to meet the woman, but no introductions are necessary: When Jane turns around, Pete recognizes the face of his mother.