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Episode Recap: The New Guy


Everyone misses Myka, but no one's taking it harder than Pete, who can't even muster a joke about boobs without his partner there to roll her eyes at him. So when Mrs. Frederick brings in a new partner for Pete, a former ATF agent named Steve Jinks who can tell when anyone is lying any time, Pete is beside himself with resentment.

But he'll have to stuff his feelings, because he and Jinks have to head into the field to discover who and what are responsible for the mysterious deaths of two people loosely related to the same hotel. Their progress is thwarted by a young FBI agent named Sally Sikowski, who refuses them access to any info or crime scenes. Their one clue is that both victims uttered the last lines of Shakespearean characters before they died. Jinks suggests reading up on the Bard, but Pete has a different strategy.

In a small bookstore on a quiet street, Myka is trying to live a normal life. But when Pete arrives and tells her about the Shakespeare connection, a part of Myka revives and launches her into case-cracking mode, telling Pete about a lost folio of Shakespeare's plays that was cursed by an actor. The first person to touch a page with an etching of a particular death scene will die the way that character did. But, if they speak the last words of the character before the page bursts into flame, they can save their own life.

Myka seems eager to help Pete and Jinks, but Pete shuts her down, trying some bald-face reverse psychology. Pete and Jinks head to the hotel, where a financial conference is about to begin and upon arrival, Jinks receives an envelope from the bellboy. Before Pete, feeling a bad vibe about it, can stop him, Jinks opens the envelope to find an etching of the death of Desdemona. Myka miraculously rushes in and gets Steve to utter Desdemona's last words before the etching ignites. Steve insists she stay on and help them with the rest of the investigation.

In the conference room where the financial executives are gathered, the three Warehouse agents try to blend into the scenery. The execs receive portfolios, and no sooner do they open them but they begin to die the deaths of Shakespearean characters. Myka, who knows these death scenes by heart, gets each of them to speak the final words just in time, while Pete and Jinks scuffle with Agent Sikowski and her guards. After the smoke has cleared, Sikowski couches thanks to Pete in a wave of insults, but something doesn't seem right about her - could she be more than she seems?

Back at the Warehouse, Jinks is struggling to put together what he knows about the world with what he learned in the past few days. Elsewhere, Mrs. Frederick visits Myka with a strange gift: The transported, imprisoned consciousness of H.G. Wells, who tells Myka not to let fear make her walk away from her truth. Myka hears the wisdom from the lips of her nemesis and sets her homecoming for the Warehouse, where she is welcomed with open arms and grateful hearts.