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Episode Recap: All the Time in the World


With Claudia encased in bronze and the bronzer broken (courtesy of the recently revived Paracelsus), the team is working overtime to find out where he is. In place of the artifact (called a stele) that makes the bronzer work, Paracelsus left a cryptic note: "Sutton knows what I want." The key, then, is to find Sutton, and for that, Pete and Myka need Charlotte's help. Artie locates the con man in Luxembourg, where he's pulling a lonely hearts-scam on a duchess. With great class and minimal violence, they corner the future count and tell him that Paracelsus absconded with Nick – never Charlotte's plan – and is holding Claudia hostage.

Sutton tells them that when Paracelsus immortalized him – sneaking his wife and son into the mix without Sutton's knowledge – Sutton went to the authorities of Warehouse 9, who hauled him away and bronzed him. He then told the agents that the philosopher's stone, the artifact that made the immortalization process possible, was missing, when really, he split it in half, took a fragment for his flower-reviving ring, and locked half safely away. That half is still in Paracelsus's lab in Istanbul, so that is where the group hurries.

Jinks stayed behind to comfort Claudia via a radio artifact while Artie seeks a way to stabilize her bronze state – since Paracelsus (who developed the bronzing process) bronzed her using only the stele, her state is deteriorating and she is literally crumbling before their eyes. In order to keep her alive long enough for Pete and Myka to return with the stele, Artie needs a DNA sample from a relative of Claudia, but Joshua's temporarily off the grid, leaving Artie with an unwelcome, and unnamed, option. Claudia is worth whatever danger Artie has to face, and he gets what he needs to save her.

Myka and Pete find the stele but fall into a trap, where Paracelsus is able to take their half of the philosopher's stone. Paracelsus then uses Nick's distress calls to lure Sutton and Charlotte to the very spot where he immortalized them. After obtaining the other half of the stone – and the fragment from Sutton's ring – he reverses the process and takes revenge on Sutton by firing a gun on Nick. Charlotte dives in front of her son and takes the bullet, and when Myka and Pete attempt to control the madman, the struggle causes the whole laboratory to crumble. Charlotte is buried inside, and Myka only narrowly manages to get the horrified Nick and Sutton to safety.

They all return to the Warehouse, where the stele restores Claudia, but a wave of unease passes through her: something's wrong with the Warehouse. Mrs. Frederic, who's been demonstrating signs of dementia, arrives after a long talk with Mr. Kosan. They inform them that Dr. Chow is the Warehouse's Keeper – the vessel through which the memories of past Warehouses can be accessed. In order to find out more about Paracelsus and why he was bronzed, Abigail needed to access Warehouse 9, and what she found puts all of them in danger, and could kill Mrs. Frederic. She's deteriorating, and Claudia is getting the tingles, because Paracelsus was the Caretaker of Warehouse 9. His revival displaces Mrs. Frederic's stewardship, and unless they act decisively, he'll take complete control of the Warehouse and all the power it affords.