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Episode Recap: Endless Wonder


Myka and Pete wonder if the assignment Artie sent them on - discovering the cause of rapidly growing men in South Bend, Indiana - is a red herring deterring them from his secret investigation, when one of the men starts growing right before their eyes, writhing in pain. Myka and Pete rush him to the hospital where they're accosted by a rep from the pharmaceutical company that makes a drug all four men were taking. The woman, Deb, knows about the spikes in height and wants to help, and since she's already privy - somehow - to so much information, they decide to use her knowledge of the patients' lives to their advantage.

But since Pete is her ad hoc partner, they do more canoodling than investigating, and when Myka returns to say that Leena found an artifact that will slow the growth, Pete has to give Pam the brush-off. She won't, however, be brushed off. She follows them and sees Myka press a golden railroad tie to the body of a victim, instantly reversing his monstrous growth. Pam then works quickly: She learns that all of the men were in the same cooking class, and that the instructor was a collector of antique cooking tools. She buys the instructor's entire kitchen and has it shipped to company headquarters, then tracks down Pete's home base and interrogates Leena about Pete and the Warehouse.

Myka flies to Pam's company headquarters to find and neutralize the artifact, while Pete slinks home for what he thinks will be a flogging. Mr. Kosan, however, suggests that Pete show Pam the Warehouse. Pam is floored, and Pete is just happy he didn't get bronzed. But he does explain, in response to her plea to use these objects to help people, how powerful the downsides of the objects can be, leading to insanity and plague. Though she's already told her boss and a U.S. Senator about the Warehouse, Pam sees Pete's argument and agrees to sacrifice her job in order to preserve the secret. Her wisdom catches Mr. Kosan's eye, and he speaks with her about the possibility of becoming a regent, a choice that she eagerly receives.

Artie has finally accepted help with his secret case from Claudia and Jinks, and they find Father Adrian in a hideout away from town. He carries an artifact that will turn any location into a portal - this must be how he's been breaking into the Warehouse and stealing artifacts without being detected. Jinks and Claudia hunt for the plank, while Artie hunts Adrian, but when the two meet, Artie is cowed by Adrian's harsh words on how sharp his revenge will be. Artie is distracted from his target by fear for the safety of Claudia and Jinks, and in that moment, Adrian slips away.

They have retrieved the plank and lost the Father, so they return to the Warehouse, where Artie has a secret meeting with H.G. Wells. She has leads on the dagger Artie saw in his vision of his own death, and she also has questions: How did Artie know about the bomb in Sykes's wheelchair? How could he be so sure she would lay down her life for the Warehouse and those who work for it? She discovered his dark secret and told Mrs. Frederic, unwittingly putting herself and the caretaker in grave danger.