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Episode Recap: Fractures


The Warehouse has been ping-less for over 48 hours, and Artie is off to his monthly date with Dr. Vanessa. He has a new jacket and a sweet present for his sweetheart, and he leaves the Warehouse in the capable hands of his four agents.

Almost immediately, a ping comes in that a young woman has transformed from her meek self to a salacious thug. By the time Pete and Myka realize that Alice Lidell escaped from Lewis Carroll's mirror - and the mirror somehow got out of the Dark Vault - they realize that she's also able to jump from body to body using a shard of the broken mirror. They call Artie to tell him that she's free, and when he hears that she's on her way to L'Etoile, he panics - L'Etoile happens to be the restaurant where he is currently dining with Vanessa.

Artie narrowly escapes the attack from a waitress, possessed by Alice, but once outside, he and Vanessa confer with Pete and Myka. Artie won't explain how he knows, but says that Alice is there to kill him. They call back to the Warehouse and direct Jinks and Claudia to find a trapping artifact - a hookah that appeared in "Through the Looking-Glass" - so they can re-contain Alice. The duo, plus Leena, search the trap section, and in a haphazard accident in which Jinks get shocked and Claudia feels it, Leena sees their auras switch back and forth. She warns Jinks against any risk, noting that an aura switch never leads to any good.

Jinks and Claudia arrive at the hotel where the rest of the team is attempting to draw out Alice. Each person gets a mirror - the only way of knowing if the person they're looking at is Alice - and guards an exit. But Alice's body switching abilities are too fast, and she manages to grab Vanessa and drag her to a private suite. The team follows, and as they're about to bag Alice, she switches into Vanessa's body and lays the mirror shard against Artie's throat.

Artie jabs his beloved in the ribs while Pete swoops in with the hookah. There's a melee in which Alice switches at random until Jinks finally shoots his Tesla at the mirror and re-traps Alice. Myka bags the shard, but Jinks got a bad stab in his shoulder, and Claudia feels it. They finally have their chat about what the metronome is doing to him, though Claudia detests the idea of detaching Jinks from it.

Artie realizes how much peril Vanessa will be in if he stays with her, so he breaks it off. Though she's furious, she won't argue with a man so clearly out of his senses. And the agents all know now that Artie has been hiding the fact that someone's stealing artifacts from the Warehouse without showing up on the security footage. But they don't know who it is, or why Artie won't tell them more.