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Episode Recap: No Pain, No Gain


Myka and Pete get sent north of the border to check on a hockey player, Mike Madden, who's been healing miraculously from devastating hits. When the agents get hold of the x-ray of Mike's arm after what looked like a break, there's no damage at all - this can't be Mike's x-ray. The hospital files confirm their suspicions, and when they confront the owner of the team he counters with the argument that, if he were going to do something to help a player, it would be one of his rising stars, not an old hand like Mike. Moreover, Mike only plays well in home games - never on the road or in practice - so Myka and Pete know that someone, probably a fan, is controlling Mike with an artifact.

Claudia has been called to lunch with Mrs. Frederic, who teaches the young hacker how artifacts are made. It's all part of her long game in which Claudia will one day become the caretaker of the Warehouse in Mrs. Frederic's place. Though the prospect shakes Claudia, she learns soberly.

And Jinks, aware that Artie is lying about the busywork he's doing, digs deeper and discovers that the brotherhood has been stealing artifacts. They track them down to a warehouse and bag everything there, but Jinks notes packing materials close at hand - some artifacts may already be on their way around the world, and it looks as if the brotherhood has still further plans for the destruction of Artie's life's work.

Pete and Myka are forced to tell Mike that they think someone's controlling him, and include him in a stunt where he'll appear to get hurt. They gather fans' names and addresses by faking a contest, and keep an eye out for anyone holding any fishy-looking object. Mike, whose flirtation with Myka has been growing, asks for a kiss for good luck, and she grants it - and the fans go wild. Pete rifles through fans' bags and backpacks, but doesn't see anyone make a move.

Myka heads to the bathroom, and turns nine months pregnant in an instant. She calls Pete, they call Artie, he tells them to figure it out themselves (but it might be a wish-granting artifact), and they piece it all together: Someone wished for Mike to heal from his breaks and falls, and Pete touched that artifact - a rabbit foot key fob - when he wished for a family amid the craziness of agent life. The woman with the fob - Judy - is gone, and Mike is, too.

Piecing together clues from Judy's apartment, they gather that she took Mike to her grandfather's lake house. On arrival, they disarm her and bag the artifact. Myka instantly returns to normal, but unfortunately, so does Mike. All the injuries he suffered that were soothed by Judy's wishing return to his body at once. Myka and Pete rush him to the hospital, and with time, he'll make a full recovery.