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Episode Recap: Personal Effects


One of the many benefits of having Jinks back is his knowledge of Sykes's plans. Someone recently broke into the house where Sykes had been storing his stolen artifacts, and a quick check of nearby antiques stores reveals that all of them have been sold. With the credit card receipts, the three teams - Leena and Artie, Jinks and Claudia, Pete and Myka - are able to track them.

Jinks and Claudia run into the normal amount of trouble snagging a pair of sunglasses that make the wearer invisible, but Artie has slightly more difficulty when he grabs a rage-inspiring golf club without gloving up. Leena is able to spray the club with neutralizer, but not before Artie spouts a monologue about the pain of having to bear a bitter secret regarding changing everyone's lives. Leena lets him know that he can lean on her, but he stays mum.

Pete and Myka have been tracing the one artifact that was missing from the box: A pipe that controls the weather. They learn that a young man named Jesse has been robbing banks and armored trucks by creating horrific, momentary storms, but when they finally locate him, he wants no part of any plan but his own. With such a powerful artifact on his side, he just may get what he wants.

Pete and Myka appeal to Jesse's mother, but she's too caught up with the heart disease of her other son, Ronnie, to be of any help to the investigation. She asks them to go easy on her older, troubled son, but when a storm starts brewing on the roof of the hospital where Ronnie is being treated, they know that they may not be able to honor her request.

Jesse has learned to manipulate lightening by this point, making him untouchable, but he tells Myka and Pete that he stole all the money to pay for a heart transplant for Ronnie. The lead surgeon proclaims that she can't do it - she doesn't have a match for his blood type - but Jesse won't listen. He gives them an hour to save his brother or he'll use the storm to bring the hospital and all its patients to the ground.

Jinks and Claudia suggest the unorthodox method of donning the invisibility glasses, so Myka distracts Jesse while Pete sneaks onto the roof. The wind blows a tarp onto him, then knocks the glasses from his face, and Jesse lunges. The tussle knocks the pipe from Jesse's grip, however, and when the storm abates, Myka tells Jesse that they can't perform Ronnie's operation because they simply don't have a match. Jesse asks them to tell his brother that he's sorry for not being there for him more often, and says he'll come through for him now. In one motion, he lunges for the pipe and strikes himself with lightening. His heart is a match, and his brother can now live.

Jinks has more on his mind than this case: it seems that every time his body endures a wound, Claudia feels it. Artie is also perturbed, and goes outside of Warehouse protocol to secure the murderous dagger from his vision of the future.