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Episode Recap: A Faire To Remember


As bored as Myka has been without a ping for weeks, she hastily turns the newest one over to Jinksie when she hears it's going down at a Renaissance Faire. Pete, however, is amped at the possibility of dressing up like a knight and saving a fair maiden, so he teams up with his boy and they go in pursuit of an artifact that made a jester appear and shoot lightning bolts at a guy, thereby causing a heart attack.

This frees Myka up to follow Claudia and confirm her hunch that she's trying to wake her sister, safely, from the coma. Instead of talking her out of it, she offers to help, and they use Bob Dylan's bus transfer to take the energy out of Claire's body and put it into Volta's biscuit tin… or so they hoped, but when Claire wakes, confused, and Myka goes to soften Artie for the news, there's a new glow to her eyes that denotes a whammy by a particular artifact.

At the Ren Faire, Jinks and Pete hit one dead end after another as strange characters continue to materialize out of thin air, cause near-death experiences for faire-goers, and disappear again. It's not until they talk to the one player who's been present for all the events, a guy named Oswald, that they make a link to a shadowy fortune-teller who may have cursed him. The fortune-teller denies it, however, and when they press her for info, she realizes that it's her granddaughter, Katerina, who has read a special deck of cards for Oswald that are able to tell his future by creating it.

Katerina, who loves Ozzie, wanted him to have his heart's desire (be a hero and win the heart of the girl who plays the princess), so all these life-threatening apparitions have been opportunities for him to do so. Unfortunately, Ozzie is a bit of a milquetoast, and hasn't picked up the mantle at all. Pete and Jinks have a man-to-man-to-man talk with Oswald and tell him that, if he doesn't compete in the joust for the hand of the princess later that day, he'll probably die.

Pete has a hunch that Oswald won't step up unless there's something really important on the line, so when Oswald ducks out of the fight with a massive apparition in the form of a deathly knight, Pete tells Katerina to step in the ring. The knight swings for her – and Ozzie blocks the blow, sliding a sword into the ghost's belly! The phantom disappears, as phantoms are wont to do when pierced with mortal instruments, and Ozzie wins the hand of the princess. However, in this trial, he learned that his heart really belonged to Katerina, and the two walk away into the sunset. Sigh.

Things are taking less of a fairytale turn back at the Warehouse. Although Claire and Claudia are having a wonderful time catching up as sisters, Artie is having no luck at all calming the artificially enraged Myka. In the Dark Vault, she's throwing artifacts, floating in the air, and only getting more powerful with each tranquilizer dart Artie throws at her. He manages to sneak out of her view long enough to get Claudia and Claire down to the vault, and they distract her while Artie slips an artifact into her boot that turns her into amber.

They have limited time before the amber cracks and Myka is no more, and Claire knows that the only solution is to transfer the raging energy back into her body, and put her back in a coma. She remembers the day she sent the car with her parents in it flying against a tree, and she knows that Myka nor anyone else should have to suffer for what she did. Claudia vows to find a way to bring Claire back into the world, and the sisters share a tearful goodbye before Claire slips back into a dreamless void.