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Episode Recap: Savage Seduction


Artie wants to give Claudia a distraction (she's been working non-stop on solutions for how to get Claire out of her coma) so he sends her and Jinks to a college where a student recently passed out in the middle of a presentation – the hospital report said he had alcohol poisoning and spinal damage. When the agents arrive on campus, they talk to Bryce, the head of the frat that the student was pledging, and though he keeps his lips sealed, it doesn't take a mind reader to know something's up.

The duo sneak into a frat party later that night, and Steve, disguising himself in one of the masks the brothers wear, sneaks into a secret ceremony where Bryce holds a large candle, lit at both ends. As Steve unfurls a Snag-n-Tag bag, Bryce rips off Steve's mask and hurls the candles hot wax at him. Claudia, hearing the scream, busts down the door to see Steve split in two – a super stoic, mean Steve, and a flighty, flirty, stereotypically gay Steve. The two halves clearly hate each other, but they put aside their differences long enough to go find the friggin' candle.

Or do they? Flirty Steve gets distracted at the party by a gay boy in denial, and decides to bring him out of the closet by dancing on some tables, leaving Stoic Steve and Unified Claudia to find the candle – formerly belonging to Edna St. Vincent Millay, no less – on their own. Claudia finally nabs it, but by this time, My Two Steves are fighting each other on top of the frat's bar, and they don't zap back together after Claude bags the artifact. She thinks back on how the other victims came back into one body – one passed out, one fell off a bridge (yikes) – and whips out her Tesla. She aims it at Flirty Steve, and he melts into a shadow and whams back into Stoic Steve's chest. The two are one.

But speaking of split personalities, Myka and Pete were surprised by a visit from Pete's old flame, Kelly, who says that her grandmother's TV is possessed. She was watching her favorite telenovela, "Seduction Salvage" (Savage Seduction, en ingles) and got sucked right in! Kelly sees a scene where her grandmother's life is in danger, and instinctively leans toward the TV. Myka tries to stop her, and the two women get pulled into the telenovela, where they forget their real identities and BECOME their characters! By the time Artie arrives with the cufflinks of Harvey Korman, an actor famous for breaking character, Pete has bagged every curio in the house. Artie sees that the artifact must be the one item that's missing, a brooch – given powers by Kelly's abuela's love for the telenovela!

Pete and Artie each take a cufflink and lean into the TV, where Pete discovers he's Armando, the love interest of Carmen (played by Kelly), secretly in love with Maribel (played by Myka). He plays the role long enough to hunt down Artie, who's wrapped up in a straight jacket in a mental hospital. He, Myka, and Pete swap the cufflinks enough times to know what their characters know – that it was Alicia, the mother of Armando's fiancée, Carmen, that put him in the nuthouse. Why, you ask? So that she could kill Dona Fausta (played by Kelly's abuela) before she had a chance to write them out of her will.

The Warehouse agents (always with one in the show, two in the know) rush back to the hacienda just as Carmen and Alicia attempt to give Dona Fausta 35 sleeping pills too many. A struggle ensues, but finally the bad guys are down and the good guys are up! In the scuffle, Artie winds up with both cufflinks, and just as Armando professes his undying love to Maribel and the two are about to kiss, Maribel's mother, thought dead, appears and says they can't kiss – they're brother and sister!

Just then, Artie finds the brooch and neutralizes it, slamming them back into the real world. Kelly thanks Pete for saving them all, and Pete says he's sorry it didn't work out between them. Kelly says she knew it would never work, with Pete being in love with Myka. Pete picks his jaw up off the floor and heads back to the Warehouse with quite a lot to think about.