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Episode Recap: Mentalist Marvels


Tonight's Wizard Wars challengers hail from around the world. The first team of challengers comes from Montreal: Spidey, a finalist from Canada's Got Talent and Chris Ramsey, a street magician. The magic men from Montreal face off against challengers "Miss Magic" Kay Dyson from London and Chris Ballinger from California.

Host Ellen Fox reveals tonight's three everyday objects for round one: a down pillow, children's flash cards, and dartboard with darts.

Spidey takes the stage, blindfolded with a bag over his head, carrying a handful of darts. His partner Chris, stands across the stage, holding a dartboard. With no warning, Spidey tosses his darts at Chris, and they miraculously all land on the dartboard and not on Chris. Spidey asks a random member of the audience to pick one of five numbered pillowcases; the one selected remains on stage while the others are tucked behind each Judge.

They bring up another random audience member who cuts a deck of flashcards with Chris, who then pulls out four cards from the cut deck. Spidey then takes out four darts from a wooden box and replaces it with a piece of paper that Chris had written before the show, along with four US quarters. The audience member is then blindfolded with a pillowcase and given the four darts. He's told to randomly throw them at a giant US map on the stage. His darts land on Wyoming, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and Nevada.

Spidey unveils the paper from the box, but Chris's predictions are all wrong. Then Spidey has the volunteer take out the quarters, each one bearing the name of every state he picked. They then reveal the four flashcards they had selected and assign one to each Judge. To everyone's amazement, the same symbols as on the flashcards are underneath the Judges' seats on their covered pillows with the correct prediction for each.

The Judges loved their creativity throughout their entire routine - but will it be enough to take on challengers Miss Magic and Chris Ballinger?

Miss Magic and Chris take the stage with the theme of a dart throwing lesson. Miss Magic makes an empty package fill with darts. When she tries to throw three bullseyes, she fails miserably. Her partner, Chris, places a dart on the board and explains that the bullseye is in the center. While standing away from the dartboard, she amazingly moves the bullseye without touching it under the dart Chris had placed on the board.

Chris then takes out the flashcards and tapes some of them facedown to the dartboard. Miss Magic tosses a pillow into the audience; the catcher comes on stage. The volunteer tosses a dart onto one of the taped cards. After revealing that it's a "D for Duck" card to the audience, the volunteer signs it, then Chris places it back in the flashcard box. When they reveal a large card on stage, it doesn't match the volunteer's card. Meanwhile, the volunteer hands the pillow back to the magicians; they cut it open to reveal a stuffed duck inside the pillow. Chris then cuts open the duck to reveal an egg: he cracks it open and out pop's the volunteer's signed card.

While the Judges liked the charisma and flair on stage, they thought the deception was a little lacking. It's the duo from Montreal, Spidey and Chris, who advance to the Wizard War.

They'll face off against Justin Flom and Billy Kidd in the Wizard War. Their round two objects include items found in a garage: a tool chest, a Thermos, and a recycling bin.

Spidey and Chris take the stage with $10,000 on the line for their routine. Spidey opens up a cabinet to reveal Chris's disembodied head resting on a shelf. Spidey asks Teller to name a tool other than a hammer. Teller mimes "screwdriver" and Spidey turns around, revealing a screwdriver in his back pocket. When Spidey makes a terrible "two heads are better than one" pun, awkward laughter comes from the back of the room: it's Chris - in one piece! When they open the cabinet, on the shelf where Chris's head was, now sits the tool chest.

Spidey asks Chris to take the Thermos to fill a bunch of recycled bottles. When he runs out of water, he does a "rain dance" and magically fills the Thermos again. They then make a single bottle transport from being dropped in the tool check back into the recycling bin. Spidey turns the recycling bin upside-down and Chris drops the screwdriver into the tool chest: it falls out of the overturned recycling bin.

They then have the audience write down a popular song on sheets of paper found on their table. The audience crumples them up and throws the paper on the stage. The magicians have Judge Jason Latimer randomly select an audience member who picks out a song on the stage. The audience member names the song ("Twinkle Twinkle Little Star") and the magicians point out that the bottles filled with water have been sitting out on stage in a particular order the entire time. Using the screwdriver, Spidey taps on each bottle, and each plays a note corresponding to the first two lines of "Twinkle Twinkle." The Judges were very impressed with the creativity and reveal, but found a few issues with pacing.

Wizard Team magicians Justin Flom and Billy Kidd are up next. Justin reveals his giant tool chest while Billy shows off her tiny tool box. She manages to pull out a giant mallet from her tiny tool box. Justin then explains that a Thermos sitting on the Judges' table has the ability to "know" things. The magicians randomly select a table, and an audience member selects a bolt out of a random assortment of items from the tool chest.

Justin heads to the Judges' table, and opens up the Thermos: inside he pours out a bolt onto Teller's hands, and around it is a tied noted stating that the bolt would be selected by an audience member. Justin then pours a hot cup of coffee into the Thermos lid from the same Thermos that produced only a bolt just moments before.

They then promise that their magical recycling bin can restore items to its original state. They borrow a $50 bill from an audience member, who signs it. Justin then rips it up and tosses it into the bin and pulls out… a small tree (get it? It's original state.) They end their routine, but Judge Kristen Gerhardt calls them out on not restoring the $50 bill. Justin then instructs Penn to unscrew the top of the bolt and using a pair of pliers also on their table, Teller pulls out the fully restored $50 bill, complete with the audience member's signature. It's this mind-bending, astounding finish that catapults the Wizard Team to the top spot over the challengers. Better luck next time, Montreal!