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Episode Recap: April 2, 2015


WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins kicked off this week's SmackDown with trying to save face for running away from Brock Lesnar on Monday's Raw, only to be interrupted by that seemingly unstoppable enemy of The Authority: Randy Orton. Kane called for an impromptu match between Orton and Big Show, claiming that if Orton can defeat the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Winner, he would consider giving him a WWE World Heavyweight Title Match against Rollins.

The contest between Orton and Big Show ended up being a free-for-all that ended in disqualification as members of The Authority all ganged up on The Viper, who was rescued by Ryback. Rollins managed to scurry off once again.

Total Divas Drama was provided by Naomi defeating Natalya, and The Miz enjoyed a brief victory over R-Truth before he himself was floored by a sudden Skull-Crunching Finale delivered by Damien Mizdow.

Dean Ambrose's match against Luke Harper ended in No Contest after Harper powerbombed The Lunatic Fringe through the announce table, and Sheamus made a triumphant return as he defeated Daniel Bryan by count-out.

Check out photos of the matches from this week's show.