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Episode Recap: April 30, 2015


SmackDown picked up right where Monday's Raw left off with tensions high between Kane and Seth Rollins. WWE's Director of Operations announced that the WWE Heavyweight Champion would take on Dean Ambrose in the evening's main event, which was followed by a quick impromptu match between Roman Reigns and The Corporate Demon.

Damien Sandow continued his road to reinvention by defeating Curtis Axel, and Ryback made up for being blindsided by Bray Wyatt at Monday's Raw by defeating former Wyatt family member Luke Harper. However, The Eater of Worlds continued his vendetta against The Big Guy by attacking him after the match.

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro took on The New Day in an attempt to regain their positions as WWE Tag Team Champions but the match ended in disqualification, with The New Day keeping their titles. Meanwhile, Total Divas Drama was provided by Nikki Bella defeating Cameron via Rack Attack.

The night's main event was quite the display of, well, anarchy, as Dean Ambrose sent Seth Rollins colliding into Kane not once but twice. The Corporate Demon nearly chokeslammed both competitors (and the referee) before The Lunatic Fringe sent him face-first into the ring post. Rollins took advantage of the distraction and ended up defeating Ambrose via a nasty DDT.

Kane, Rollins and J&J Security then ganged up on Ambrose, though Roman Reigns came to his rescue, taking down The Authority's cronies as the WWE Heavyweight Champion scurried away to fight another day.