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Episode Recap: January 29, 2015


A big winter blizzard prevented SmackDown from taping earlier this week, prompting Thursday's event to be a LIVE performance! And boy, was it a stormy one ...

Triple H took the stage and said he'll be addressing Roman Reigns' controversial victory at Sunday's Royal Rumble this Monday on Raw, teasing that his announcement will likely "shake the WWE Universe to its core." Roman Reigns interrupted The King of Kings and assured the crowed that he was the rightful Rumble victor, to which Triple H responded by simply introducing the Big Dog to his next opponent: Big Show.

Roman Reigns continued his meteoric rise in the WWE ranks by defeating Big Show via a giant Spear move, after which Tyson Kidd defeated WWE Tag Team Champion Jey Uso. Later, John Cena confronted Rusev, setting the stage for their match at WWE Fast Lane on Feb. 22.

Meanwhile, the Total Divas brought the Divas Drama backstage after the Bella Twins attacked Paige during her interview with Renee Young, and rising Tag Team warriors The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor), fresh off their victory against The New Age Outlaws at Royal Rumble, made short work of Gold & Stardust.

The evening's main event was the brutal Casket Match between Daniel Bryan and Kane. The former Tag Team partners battle inside and outside the ring, with Kane looking to be the victor after smashing a steel chair against Bryan's back; however, the "Yes!" Man delivered a running knee that allowed him to close the casket on the WWE's Director of Operations.