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Episode Recap: March 19, 2015


Last week's SmackDown had Mark Henry being bested by Roman Reigns. This week, Henry kicked off SmackDown by giving his personal endorsement for The Big Dog as he prepares for his WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31. Aww, friends!

Total Divas Drama was provided by Paige defeating Brie Bella via rollup against the backdrop of AJ Lee and Nikki Bella trading verbal jabs as they watched from the announce team.

The evening's Intercontinental Title Contender Gauntlet was, as expected, completely chaotic, with Dean Ambrose starting things out with defeating both Stardust and R-Truth. Luke Harper then showed no mercy toward Ambrose's injured shoulder and finally defeated The Lunatic Fringe via a clothesline/sit-down powerbomb combination.

Daniel Bryan then stepped in, forcing Harper to tap out to a single leg submission maneuver. But it was Dolph Ziggler who ultimately emerged as the final victor, delivering a Zig-Zag against The "Yes!" Man for the win.

Ziggler and Bryan shared a handshake after the grueling match but were soon both floored by Bad News Barrett, who ran into the ring and delivered Bull Hammer Elbows to both Superstars.

Meanwhile, the first-ever Six-Being Interspecies Tag Team Match was filled with high-flying action, with Cesaro & Tyson Kidd & Natalya defeating Los Matadores & El Torito.

The evening's final Tag Team Match ended up being a 2-on-1 Handicap Match after Mark Henry was found laid out backstage before the contest. Roman Reigns singlehandedly bested his opponents, delivering a Superman Punch to Seth Rollins and a Spear to Kane.

The post match was even more brutal as Randy Orton snuck into the ring and started RKOing everybody in sight, including J&J Security. Rollins managed to escape … but will he be so lucky at WrestleMania 31?