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12 Questions We Still Have For Wynonna Earp

Willa's dead (we think?), and what the heck is up with Waverly?. What the deuce? The Season Finale left us with these lingering questions.


After watching the uber enjoyable Season Finale of Wynonna Earp we've still got a few lingering questions about what will become of Purgatory's residents. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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1. Who's your daddy? No, really. Who is your daddy, Waverly? According to Bobo, you're not an Earp. Are you a Holliday, a Knowles-Carter...a Kardashian?!


2. Now that Wynonna has killed Bobo, the Revenant of all Revenants, has the Earp curse been broken?

3. While he's in the Black Badge slammer, will Dolls have to trade cigarettes and Ramen noodles for a hit that mysterious drug he's addicted to?

4. Since Dolls is temporarily (?) out of the picture will Wynonna and Doc hook up again?

5. Since Bobo's dead, is Gus going to get her bar back?

6. How will working together on the Black Badge team effect Nicole and Waverly's relationship? Working with a spouse is #nothaught

7. Ding dong, the Stone Witch is still buried in sea salt or has she escaped somehow?

8. We still can't get a good read on this mysterious gentleman. Is he working for good, evil or John Deere?

9. Now that Waverly has heart and Wynonna has courage, will Champ ever get his brains?

10. Since Wynonna picked off Bobo, with the help of Peacemaker, who / or what will be her new arch nemesis?

11. Waverly pointed a gun at Wynonna and Doc at the end of the Season Finale - did she shoot?! Was Doc quick to the draw?!

12. And speaking of Waverly, what's gotten into her? Has she turned evil because of her true lineage or did the mysterious black goo she touched turn her bad to the bone?