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23 Important Mustaches in History

Inspired by Wynonna Earp's Doc Holliday and his enviable caterpillar


Inspired by Wynonna Earp's Doc Holliday and his enviable caterpillar, we present to you 25 of the most important lip Toupées to ever grace a face.

1. Tim Rozan as Henry/Doc Holliday in Wynonna Earp sports a mean lip rug. See his tickler in real-time tonight at 10/9c with an all-new episode of Wynonna Earp.


2. We're sure the real life Wyatt Earp inspired many a handlebar.

3. Wyatt's buddy (the real life) Doc Holliday had a mouser that was nothing to sneeze at.

4. The bristle baton of Salvador Dali was a work of art.
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5. Yosemite Sam was know for his hat, his guns and that gnarly orange lip sweater that we could never imagine his face without.

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6. Lamont (Demond Wilson) of Sanford and Son's smoke filter was a gift to television in the '70s.


7. Oh hey there Charlie Chaplin and your face lace.  

8. Hulk Hogan never goes anywhere without his bandana and his grass grin.

9. A mind and Albert Einstein's lip holstery would be a terrible thing to waste.

10. We figured that Colin Farrell and his True Detective nose bug was worth mentioning.

11. We hear that Ron Burgundy's lower brow had its own contract. Kidding.

12. The mouth brow of all 'staches. Take a bow Tom Selleck, take a bow.  

13. The force in Lando Calrissian's lip doily is strong.|
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14. Groucho Marx. What would he be without his muzzy?! NOT Groucho Marx.

15. John Waters once said "without obsession, life is nothing." Same can be said for his recognizable wing.

16. Burt Reynolds' face lace is the sophisticated grandfather of all bro-merangs.

17. Borat's tea strainer for President!

18. Although faint, you bet your ass Frida Kahlo's nose neighbor can hang with the big boys on this list.

19. We figured that the Pringles can guy and his Ronnie deserve honorable mention.

20. The Monopoly Guy's soup strainer wins the game. See what we did there?

21. Sinestro's real power lies in his pushbroom.

22. Dum Dum Dugan's lip foliage kinda ties together the whole look, no?
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23. Howard Stark-- respected inventor and noted brocha rocker.