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Episode Recap: House of Memories

Bobo hatches his final revenge, while a surprising alliance changes everything.


Well, the Earp sisters — this time Wynonna and Willa — are at it again, beating the crap and crumb out of Whiskey Jim. They want to know who sent the murderous henchmen to their house with the intention of ending the family line. Wynonna deals Jim a blow to the balls, and that gets him singing: he mentions something about a surge throughout the Ghost River Triangle, a sort of changing of the tides. Frustrated with Jim's cryptic answers, Willa pumps him full of Peacemaker lead.

Back at the Black Badge headquarters, Dolls is in the middle of hypnotizing Willa to extract answers from her dark memory. Turns out she was kidnapped, not killed (well, duh), and kept in captivity by one of the Revenants Wynonna ultimately killed. Later, while scrutinizing a photo of a tattoo Dolls took of one of the dead mercenaries, Wynonna recognizing the mark as an emblem for the Betties gang — maybe they're the ones to blame.

Waverly, still recovering from the gunshot wound, and Officer Haught, still recovering from Waverly's gunshot wound, blow off some steam in the old homestead barn. Their fling is interrupted by Willa, and their cover is blown. Meanwhile, Dolls and Wynonna are shaking things up at the Betties' bar. The gang members tell them that Judge Cryderman hired them to carry out the dirty deed. Leaving the joint, Dolls tells Wynonna how much he enjoys having her around, in his own gruff, Dolls sort of way. Then he ruins the moment by showing her Doc's abandoned, blown up car in the yard. It would appear to her as though Holliday were dead.

Well, nearly so. Doc's been taken hostage by Big Bubba and strung up in a secluded torture chamber somewhere. Bubba's been put on assignment by Bobo — not related — to keep watch over Doc until further notice, or until "everyone's gone." Pretty ominous, to say the least.  At the same time, Judge Cryderman is also nearly at the end of his rope: only this time he's about to do himself in at Bobo's bar. Wynonna and Dolls arrive in the knick of time to stop him. They learn from Cryderman of Bobo's party, and that he's got some surprise in store for it. When the Black Badgers turn to leave, Cryderman blows his brains out.

Doc gets to witness firsthand what Bubba's been experimenting on recently — a substance that makes those who breathe it in go homicidal crazy-pants. Bubba demonstrates it on another captive he's got in a glass box. It works really well. And in the middle of the woods, Waverly and Willa happen up on the tree house where Willa was held captive for so many years. The place is littered with origami swans, which help to jog Willa's memory: the Stone Witch and Bobo were both involved in Willa's abduction, but her father also seems to have made a pact with Bobo to secure his daughters' freedom. Things are getting a little complex.  

Willa and Waverly then go to the Black Badge headquarters to get Dolls and Wynonna up to speed on their progress. They believe that the lead (lead as in a "lead on a case"), the thing that can help Bobo leave the Ghost River Triangle forever, is at the town hotel. If they all team up, they might be able to get to it before Bobo does. Wynonna, a bit cautious, sets the plan in action. And while the Earp family is getting ready for Bobo's party, Doc is escaping from captivity and preparing to crash the soiree himself. Yeehaw!

While Willa and Waverly wine and dine at this much anticipated party, Wynonna is off hunting around her family barn for clues. She's drawn to a loose ceiling board, and when she moves it she finds the lead tucked away. The lead. When Wynonna brings it to the party, the Earp sisters and Dolls finally figure out why Bobo kidnapped Willa all those years ago: In order for a Revenant to cross over the Ghost River Triangle, they must cross with a Earp heir. That heir, we know, is Willa. Bobo kidnapped Willa all those years ago to use her as an heir when she came of age (but, as we know, Willa was kidnapped and raised by that weirdo cult).

The party takes a severe turn when Champ starts taking digs at Nicole for stealing "his woman." He works himself up into a froth, then starts frothing at the mouth, then goes off the deep end. Was there something in his champagne? Some of that weird substance Bubba cooked up, perhaps? As Dolls and Wynonna are about to partake in that same poisoned Dom Perignon, they get to talking — really closely. Wynonna is upset that Willa, and not she, is the heir; Dolls assures her that she's still special, to him if to no one else. Well, that does it: the two can't keep their hands, or their lips, off each other. They start making out. Only they do it in front of Doc, who's wandered into the party…in a tux. Doc gets one whiff of those champagne flutes, and knows what's up: they're poisoned!

When Bobo finally arrives, he breaks the news to everyone: the champagne in fact has been poisoned. Yup. Good news: there is an antidote. Bad news: you only get it if you bring Wynonna Earp dead or alive into Bobo's clutches. And may the best frothing Purgatorian win. Dolls and Wynonna are encircled, as Waverly and Willa start to beat their escape. When Waverly makes a pit stop to say goodbye to Nicole, in a quick make out session, Willa slips away. We next see her outside, meeting none other than Bobo del Rey. Together they walk off into the foggy distance…holding hands. Hmm.     

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