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Episode Recap: Keep The Home Fires Burning

While Wynonna fights a shadow demon, the truth behind her sister’s captors are revealed.


Wynonna is tasked with a solo mission to take down the Revenant known as Red, who was complicit in the killing of her father. He's mingling at a club — if biting off women's fingers is the new mingling. Though Wynonna gets some blows in, and makes a huge scene, the handgun Deputy Marshall Dolls issues her is ineffective when it comes to Revenants, proving that only Peacemaker is of any good. The demons escape unscathed.

In need of some firepower, Dolls and Wynonna trip to a remote field with a cache of automatic weapons to see which can come close to Peacemaker's effectiveness. Dolls takes this opportunity to impress upon Wynonna the importance of being discreet when neutralizing the Revenant threat, in order to keep the public in the dark. A lot of talk could lead to a scandal, which could then lead Dolls' higher-ups to wipe Purgatory off the map completely. And nobody wants that.   

Later, Red winds up at the Purgatory's saloon where Waverly works, and it's there he aims to wrestle Peacemaker from Wynonna. But when he gets the gun in his palm, the thing fries his hand and he has to drop it. Wynonna picks it up, and puts a bullet between his eyes. Red's dead. While Waverly is cleaning up the place, new Purgatory police officer Nicole Haught (pronounced "hot") comes into the bar to introduce herself to the bartender. They say that justice is swift, but not nearly as swift as the moves Haught puts on Waverly.

When the Revenant boss man Bobo hears of how Red was vanquished at the hands of Wynonna and the unforgiving barrel of Peacemaker, he resolves to hire the Shadow Assassin Jim "Killer" Miller to take down the Earps. Meanwhile, Doc, uncharacteristically disguised in street clothes, goes snooping around Waverly's apartment looking for whatever Earp goody he can get his hands on to appease Bobo. After finding a small roster of the undead outlaws, he's interrupted by Wynonna, who dropped in to find her sister. Instead Wynonna gets in a bit of a shoot out with Doc, who looks like a regular burglar. Doc's a quick draw, and shoots the Peacemaker out of Wynonna's hands before she can connect.

In order to beckon the Shadow Assassin, and get in Bobo's good graces, Doc offers up a blood sample (let's hope that knife was clean!). Throwing the booklet of outlaws' names — bona fide Earp property — into the Shadow Assassin's lair successfully calls him forth. He's a shrouded, tall character with beady eyes that shine like candle flames. In a word, creepy. But there's a caveat: because the booklet was technically Waverly's property, the Shadow Assassin is headed for her.      

After doing some mystical digging, Dolls learns that the Earp residence was built on a bedrock of mineral that tends to attract evil (whose bright idea was that?), and that somewhere on the property is a special talisman that could come in handy in warding off Revenants. When Wynonna tells him that the sky over the house has gone dark, Dolls closes his books and hightails it over to her. While memories of burying the talisman come back to Waverly, a strange presence descends upon them, and Wynonna tells her sister to go inside. The Shadow Assassin has arrived, living up to his name; and into one of his shadows went Peacemaker, the last place it should be.

Wynonna and Waverly go out to the pet cemetery to dig up the talisman when Dolls arrives, having retrieved Peacemaker from out the shadows. While Killer Jim is occupied with mistakenly trying to kill Waverly, Wynonna shoots him from behind before blowing his brains out. Levi the Revenant, who's always lurking around trying to spot the action, tries to get his hands on the dug-up talisman. But Dolls wallops him good. Instead of killing him, Wynonna sends Levi back to the Revenant camp with a message: she's going to "blow them all to hell." She doesn't mince words, this one.

When Doc returns to camp, Bobo initiates him into the Revenant fold. But first, he must hand down punishment on Levi, who has failed them all. Doc ties Levi to a wheel across the Ghost River Triangle line (the line that demarcates where Revenants can't cross, hence the freedom that Bobo is trying to seek), a line that basically roasts him from the inside out. This proves Doc is loyal to the Revenant cause. In exchange, Bobo promises to get Doc what he desires: The woman that "changed" him. But who is that?    

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