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Syfy Characters Who Need To Ask For Forgiveness

Sometimes, you just need to say sorry and mean it.


Tonight at 10/9c, on Wynonna Earp, Wynonna's gotta ask for forgiveness…for something…it's all very hush-hush so you'll just have to tune in and see what we're referring to. Meanwhile, here's a list of what other Syfy characters (+ Blair from The Facts of Life) should ask forgiveness for.

1. Quentin, The Magicians

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Quentin should ask for forgiveness for having a threesome with Margo and Eliot.

2. Alice, The Magicians

Alice should ask for forgiveness for having revenge sex with Penny.

3. Eliot, The Magicians

Eliot should apologize to no one because being awesome means never having to say you're sorry.

4. Cole, 12 Monkeys
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Cole needs to apologize to Cassie for getting her shot at the end of Season 1.

5. The Army of the 12 Monkeys, 12 Monkeys

The Army of the 12 Monkeys should apologize for killing billions of people.

6. Jennifer, 12 Monkeys

Jennifer Goines should never apologize. Everything she does is great.

7. Champ, Wynonna Earp

Champ, Waverly's boyfriend, should apologize for taking home a strange woman from the bar …who happened to be her sister, Wynonna.

8. The Witch, Wynonna Earp

The mysterious witch should apologize to Doc for keeping him in a well for over 100 years. #lightsout

9. Flynn, Hunters

Flynn should apologize to Reagen for treating her like Hunter scum/apologize to Emme for stealing her meds.

10. Karellen, Childhood's End

Karellen should apologize to everyone on Earth for making it seem all like we wouldn't get absorbed into a galactic collective conscience. #nothankyoukarellan

11. The Internet, The Internet Ruined My Life

The Internet should apologize to the cast of the internet ruined my life for ruining their lives.

12. Amos, The Expanse
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Amos should ask Miller for forgiveness for shooting his pal, Sematimba, in the back.

13. Julie Mao's Dad, The Expanse

Julie Mao's dad should apologize to Julie and everyone on Eros for being an asshole and getting everyone killed.

14. Dr. Merch, Z Nation

Dr. Merch should really apologize to Murphy for turning him into the Zombie Messiah.

15. Six, Dark Matter

Six should apologize to One, Two, Three, Four and Five for selling them out to the Galactic Authority.

16.  Jo, The Facts of Life

Jo on the Facts of Life should apologize to Blair for being mean to her because Blair is important and clearly homo superior.

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