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Episode Recap: Steel Bars and Stone Walls

Wynonna tries to rescue a seemingly mutated Dolls, while there may be more to Waverly than meets the eye.


When we last left our heroes, Waverly had apparently crossed over to the dark side and pulled a gun on Doc. But in fact she was actually aiming at the snarling demon creature that had entered through the opened portal standing behind him, ready to tear him a part like a Wild West-themed piñata. But no good deed goes unpunished, and her shot only succeeded in angering the creature into pursing the two of them on foot. Just in the knick of time, Wynonna drops in to vanquish the soul sucker, and…perform an obligatory hair flip. The three go off to rescue the defiant Dolls from the Black Badge operatives who arrested him, and who have plans of transferring him to the abysmal Black Rock Prison.

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Meanwhile, back at the sheriff’s department, a crew of masked “cleaners” have removed every trace of the Black Badge operations once conducted there — but on the bright side, the place smells lemony fresh, now. Wynonna goes searching for Dolls’ motel room, where presumably he kept most of the important stuff, only to be ambushed by Dolls’ lady friend Eliza. She, presumably, is also pretty important.

When Wynnona tells Eliza of Dolls’ recent abduction, she agrees to help Earp spring him free — she’s got a Black Badge badge, and hence clearance. Wynonna introduces her to the gang, and together they lay out their plan of attack. Doc, Eliza and Wynonna break back into the old office, where Wynonna learns of Dolls’s supernatural qualities (from Doc and Eliza), and also his whereabouts (from a Black Badge lackey she roughs up). Bingo.

While Wynonna, Eliza and Doc are busy breaking into secret government facilities, Waverly and Nicole begin their own sneak entrance into the Black Badge HQ. It’s a good thing, too, because the first team got trapped in a stairwell after learning Eliza’s clearance had been revoked. So unless they escape quickly, they’re all doomed. Using her best/worst British accent, Waverly is able to get past Black Badge security fronting as a Scotland Yard scientist.

Inside the laboratory where they keep all the weird creatures captive, Waverly is able to hoodwink a gullible scientist into teaching her how to open all the security doors at once, including the one blocking Wynonna’s progress. There’s no substitute for street smarts, kids. But when Waverly tries to knock out the gullible sap and his head starts to bleed, the soul-sucking demons there go berserk with bloodlust. In the heat of the moment, Waverly confesses her real intentions to the scientist, who goes ahead and opens up the checkpoints.

But before Wynonna and Eliza can move through, Doc slips to the other side of the door, and locks them out. He’s going to spring Dolls free by himself, and sacrifice his own life if necessary. When he gets to Dolls’ holding cell, he makes the acquaintance of Lucado, and also introduces her to his friends: T, N, and T. He’s been packing this whole time!  So focused on the dynamite, Lucado doesn’t even notice Dolls’ arm around her throat in a chokehold…until she passes out. But by then it’s too late. Doc supplies Dolls with his much-needed serum, before the two beat their separate escapes.

Back in the lab, Waverly is able to ward off the creature using nothing but her demon-flashing eyes and cocky attitude. Which is significant. Wynonna, in her fashion, busts onto the scene and finishes off the bloodsucker with Peacemaker. Doc is apprehended by Black Badge, and Wynonna and company nearly meet their untimely end by Lucado’s hand. But superior officer Moody steps in to…bestow Black Badges on everyone?

Well, not everyone. He shoots Eliza dead where she stands. After all, she was a traitor. The rest of them are forced to join the Black Badge Division and sign in blood the contract that will initiate them into the fold. Moody needs their help to exterminate the new population of creatures inhabiting Purgatory, and is willing to make some concessions. So things are kind of pretty super serious now.