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Have a #WayHaught Valentine's Day!

Here's 14 reasons why we're celebrating Waverly and Nicole's love today and always.


Happy Valentine's Day Earpers!

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It seems like it was just yesterday that cupid's arrow struck Waverly and Nicole but in fact it was two whole seasons ago that these wild and crazy kids threw caution to the wind and decided to fall in love. A slew of Revenant take downs, a demon possession and one near death experience later (thanks to one extra salty Widow), #Wayhaught's bond is stronger than ever.

And so today, on the occasion of love, here's 14 reasons to celebrate Waverly and Nicole's union this Valentine's Day and always.  

1.  One kiss started it all...

#wayhaught: Nicole and Waverly’s First Kiss

There's no moment like the moment you decide to grab life (or in this case, your lover) by the lapels and go for what you want, damnit. #haught

2. Their love story has depth

#wayhaught: The story of Waverly and Nicole

We'd paraphrase, but Wynonna Earp showrunner Emily Andras explained the genesis of Wave and Nicole's love story so eloquently, don't you think?

3. They support each other IRL at Comic-Con

Wynonna Earp at SDCC 2016: Katherine Barrell and her role as Nicole Haught

As Katherine Barrell, the actress behind Nicole, touted her support for the LGBTQIA community at Comic-Con 2016, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, the actress behind Waverly, was right by her side clapping it up. #relationshipgoals

4. They cheer each other on

Waverly Cheerleading

Well, Waverly cheered for Nicole while Nicole (and the rest of the world) watched with enthusiasm.

5. There's a video featuring 143 seconds of them making out

You're welcome.

6. The New York Times thinks their coupledom is a big deal...and here's the article to prove it.

7. They shamelessly flirt with each other


Keep it #haught ladies.

8. Every time is like the first time


There's chemistry and then there's THIS. #haught

9. GLAAD celebrated their union with a 2018 GLAAD award nomination. Yippee!

10. Buzzfeed staffers are Earpers, too!


The fan appreciation in article form can be seen, here.

11. They bring people together. Looking for likeminded folks who are just as into Waverly and Nicole as you are? There's a hashtag for that. #Wayhaught 

12. Their bond in unbreakable


Just look at our girls showing a united front when what's her face tried to come between them. Rosita who? Girl, bye.

13. Their forehead kisses give us all the feels


Sure, their displays of affection are often hot and heavy (like we like it) but they also know how to be sugary and sweet (like we love it) with each other.

14. They celebrate each other's lives (literally)


Dominique wished her on screen wifey Katherine a happy birthday on soc-meds making it official that these two are our most favoritest EVER.


We're sure they'll be even more #WayHaught moments to add to this list when Wynonna Earp returns (yay, Season 3) later this year. But in the meantime, keep loving and keep tweeting! Oh, and keep catching up on the latest adventures by watching full episodes of the show here on