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Episode Recap: Cold Weather

The team must come to terms with the consequences of their actions. Meanwhile, someone claiming to be from Black Badge Division arrives in Purgatory.


Ding, dong, Dolls is dead, and Wynonna is drowning her sorrows in whiskey, as is her usual. It’s a hard time for everyone, except for the funeral director, who swooped in to sell Waverly and Nicole some overpriced coffins. Cashing in on the ashes. While trawling through his personal effects, Waverly and Nicole find an envelope Dolls addressed to Wynonna with the express orders to open after his death. As soon as they step out of the apartment complex, Waverly’s bag (and the letter therein) are nabbed by the fleet-footed Contessa (Doc’s vampire friend). So much for final words. Wynonna learns from Jeremy that he knew all along that Dolls knew all along that the Black Badge drugs (and withdrawal) were going to kill him all along. Wynonna is downright pissed, and tells Jeremy to pack up his things after the funeral.  

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Speaking of Black Badge, one of Dolls’s colleagues from the force, Ramone Quinn, drops in for his funeral, and gets right pissed with Doc reminiscing about the past. The rest of the crew show up, and throw in with the boys and the bottles. But the gathering is broken up by a group of rowdy Revenants in search of more junk serum after the batch they burglarized from Doc’s bar has run dry. Wynonna and company acquit themselves handily, and either kill or chase away their guests. Ramone kidnaps and tortures Jeremy until he forks over more of that serum — Ramone wants to inject himself with it, turn lizard, and take down Black Badge for revenge / fun. Wynonna talks him out of it, and sends him on his bitter way. The gang get underway with getting Dolls six feet underground, and as you can imagine it’s a sad spectacle. Later that night, Waverly and Wynonna discuss familial burial plots, as Doc takes comfort in the open arms of the Contessa.