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Episode Recap: Jolene

A demon causes havoc in town as Wynonna, Waverly and Jolene must decide who they can trust.


When we last left our heroes, they were in thrall to Jolene and her batch of bewitching cookies, pastries, and sweetmeats. She’s somehow arrayed both Waverly and Wynonna against their own mother, and has hoodwinked Doc into separating from the sisters. But the cookies start to wear off, and Wynonna and Waverly end up untying their mother when Jolene enters to replenish their stock. She even gives some to Michelle, who ends up falling for her tricks. The Earp women trip to the family barn to head the demon off at the pass: but Jolene has co-opted the Revenant security guard (his head grown back) and used him as bait to distract the women at the barn. Then she calls Waverly away in an effort to get her to kill herself. Waverly won’t do it. Good for her!  

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Everyone ends up at the saloon for a huge party that ultimately becomes a huge brawl. Jolene is driving wedges left and right between our team. First, she lets Wynonna know that Doc is actually married to the Contessa, which gets her hackles up. Then she starts flirting with Nicole in front of Waverly, and Waverly gets right pissed. There’s a brawl, incited by Michelle and Wynonna, and the two are thrown in jail. While there, they essentially detox from the cookies, and come to their senses. Jolene makes one more pitstop to see Nicole, and put the moves on her. When Nicole rebuffs her, Jolene locks her in a closet. She’s ultimately set free by Doc, who finds Bulshar’s ring hanging around the room. Next stop, the Earp barn.  

Jolene corners Waverly there with a huge carving knife, and gives her the full story: basically, Waverly’s real dad is a demon named Julian. When Waverly was born, Jolene was too — they’re almost twins. Except Waverly got all the good genes, and Jolene became a demon, and was persecuted. Jolene needs Waverly to kill herself so that she can flourish. Waverly almost considers it, before relenting at the last minute and fighting off Jolene. Wynonna, now free of the cookie spell, enters and shoots Jolene with Peacemaker. While stumbling out of the barn, Jolene falls into a hex trap set by Michelle, and is ultimately sucked into the woods by Bulshar. All is set to rights, more or less. Doc vows to never fall in league with Bulshar, and Wynonna pays Bobo Del Rey a visit down in the well: he tells her that Waverly’s father was no demon, but a legit angel. Wings and all.