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Episode Recap: The Other Woman

A mysterious woman who knows a little too much about the Earps arrives on the Homestead with a special mission for Wynonna and Waverly. The rest of the team must wrangle a deadly fire witch.


The Earps have broken free of Bulshar's sway... for now. And they've got Bobo in solitary confinement. They're waiting for him to unfry his noggin and tell them something useful about the demon-in-chief's plan to destroy the world. Well, Bobo, in all his ranting and raving, gives up the name of someone who might be of use to the Earp's and their inquest. A woman named... Maeve. Or something.

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And while Wynonna is getting consoled by her firefighting side piece Charlie, the two of are alerted to a newcomer named Kevin, who's arrived to Pergatory to help them save the world. Talk about timing. Kevin is an emissary from an elite, supernatural fighting force dispatched to help the merry band of misfits fight Bulshar. Let's see if it works.  Wynonna thinks teaming up with this Kevin woman is a good idea, but Charlie's got his misgivings. When Wynonna hitches her horse to the stranger's wagon, Charlie takes offense, and takes off.  

Charlie gone, the Earps and this stranger can get down to work. Bulshar's severed arm is still down the mine where he was buried. Get the arm, defeat the Bulshar. But it's gonna take a whole lot of muscle.  

Nicole has managed to talk Doc into helping her track down this Maeve character, and squeezing from her whatever she knows. Of course, Maeve is dead, and only her spirit persists. So while they're snooping around Maeve's old abode, looking for a special book that they can use to defeat Bulshar, the spirit of Maeve leaps out of the fire and... into Nicole. Once inside Nicole, Maeve tries to coerce Doc into finding her a fresh corpse to possess — or she won't give up the book. Doc doesn't know if killing an innocent is worth all this. So he phones Jeremy for some backup.

When Wynonna and Waverly show up at the mine, they find a lone Revenant protecting it. And also? He's got Bulshar's arm attached to his shoulder. We're going out on a limb here, but if that Rev doesn't kill the Earp sisters, they might just get what they're after.  When Wynonna tries to use blunt force to knock out the Revenant, she gets infected with the nuclear toxins from down in the mine, and is severely debilitated. Woman down!  

After Jeremy gets over Maeve's, Maeve lets slip that she'll burn the book if they don't help her find a body. Burn it? That must mean it's in the... fireplace! But Maeve won't give up that easily. She commands Nicole's body to hold a gun against her own head! Of course, Nicole has strong feelings about this, and attempts to resist... from within. Or at least she tries, before Maeve sets the house on fire. Charlie saves Doc from the house fire, and Doc returns the favor by... sucking his blood?! Low blow, Doc. Charlie is out for the count. Dead.

Wynonna and Nicole take refuge at Mercedes's place, but the Rev follows them there. During a brawl, Waverly discovers that she can control Bulshar's arm with Bulshar's ring... which is on her finger. So she uses her powers to the fullest — and melts the Revenant's face. 

And after the Earps pry Bulshar's arm from the Revenant's body, Kevin tells them that it's worthless, it's not the weapon. It was a test and they passed - yay! And Waverly... she's the one. Neo status up in here. When Nicole arrives and finds Charlie's corpse, she banishes Doc from Purgatory.

The book in hand, Jeremy, Robin and Nicole start their research. Turns out Bulshar, before he took human form, was the snake from the Garden of Eden. Charlie, Waverly's father, was the angel protecting the garden (obvi he didn't do too good a job at it). It would take 120 years or so for the time to be right for the garden to become vulnerable to another incursion... and that's coming up. Also, Robin gave Bobo his headphones, and he's blissing out on jazz.

Here's the thing: if Waverly goes down the mine, defeats Bulshar, and seals up the garden, she'll save humanity. But she'll have to sacrifice her own life in the process. Decisions, decisions!