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Episode Recap: When You Call My Name

The demon who cursed the Earp heir reveals himself in a shocking turn of events that will leave the team forever changed.


After the car accident last week, Waverly falls into the clutches of a mountain man Revenant intent on dismembering, cooking, and eating her in lieu of more sporty fare; and Wynonna falls over a cliff and onto a ledge fifteen feet below, her arm broken. The apparition of her mother helps her pluck up the stamina and courage to break her arm back into place and climb the mountain to safety — albeit, without Peacemaker. When she summits the mountain, she goes after Waverly, who’s had her voice “stolen” by the Revanant and who’s been thrown into a cage in preparation for the meal. The Revenant’s hut has also been thoroughly boobytrapped, so Wynonna must be delicate about her maneuvers — not her strong suit.  

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Back at Black Badge, Doc is having second thoughts about being a nice guy now that he’s seen his future — Hell — and fully reckoning with his mortality. Dolls’s medication is taking a toll on him, and he’s considering going without it entirely. And Nicole is concerned for Waverly, so sets out to find out. She drives by the wreckage, and starts piecing together the story. Wynonna confronts the survivalist Revenant out in the woods, and leads him to one of his own boobytraps (a pit in the ground with stakes down below) and kicks him into it. No more Revenant. The team reunites and returns to the crash site to retrieve Peacemaker. Nicole belays down the cliff, but Bulshar’s henchman Lord Bandicus appears and cuts the rope. He and Dolls do battle, and Dolls summons up his lizard powers to breathe fire and vanquish Lord Bandicus — at the expense of his own life. Dolls goes down to take one for the team.