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How Hot Was #WayHaught: Season 3, Episode 1

By Max Tedaldi

Aside from the all of the demon-slaying, witty one-liners, and everyone's favorite doughnut-scarfing-crazy-chick-with-a-gun, Wynonna Earp Seasons 1 and 2 introduced us Wayhaught: the burgeoning relationship of Waverly and Nicole. There have been ups (the in flagrante pre-coital lift from 203. swayt jaysus) and there have been downs (Rosita in a hot tub. why hast thou forsaken us), but like any amazing rollercoaster we're screaming and shouting the whole way through.

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In celebration of all things #WayHaught, we're going to chronicle their budding relationship in our continuing weekly series. We will answer the fundamental question that will be on your mind every Friday: How Hot Was WayHaught? Think of it like an episode recap, with pictures, and gifs, and all things #Wayhaught. 

Episode 1 saw Waverly and Nicole on a steamy stakeout, some vampire cuckoldry, and some sweet early mornin' kisses. Here's the play-by-play.

  1. Waverly and Nicole are on a stakeout, a steamy stakeout, takin' out revenants from a safe distance, while making out the whole time. BAM! We **clap** are **clap** back! Also let's take a moment to recognize that the subtext here is that there was a moment where they were divvying up roles for the operation and Nicole was like, "Nah, I'm not going to be on the ground for this one. I'll just kick it with my girl on the rooftop. I'll come for revenant sniping, but I'm staying for the smooches." Git it, girl!


  2. Cue slow motion montage of our heroes kickin' ass and taking na... Classic Wynonna. This is why we love you.


  3. I feel like I speak for everyone (maybe?) when I say that I'm all for Nicole and Waverly resolving the Rosita hot tub fiasco of S2 between seasons. They fought, they addressed their faults like adults, they made up, they moved on, and so have we. Less hot tub. More early morning canoodling. Nothing can ruin this moment, except...


  4. Classic Wynonna! Back at it! And when I say classic, I mean back she's back in Season-2-interupting-nicole-waverly-makeout-sessions-like-a-pro clam jamming form. Also, Waverly looks majestic draped in diffuse morning light.


  5. Clearly Nicole agrees.


  6. We're all for trashy European vampires, but why do they gotta go for WayHaught the second they arrive in town. Watching Waverly kvell over Petra's vampire vibes was just wrong. That, is a look reserved for your tall drink of fruit punch AKA Nicole.


  7. Not you too, Nicole! Can we just rewind to the rooftop PDA? We were in such a good place!


  8. New Season. Who dis? Seriously, though, we're excited to see what a mysterious woman from Doc's past will bring to the Purgatory romance landscape. Does Wynonna have some competition for Doc's heart?


  9. Alright, so back to the vampire threat at hand. Waverly, Nicole, and now Jeremy are cuckoo for loco muffs. And in breaking news, nothing but lace and Nicole should ever touch Waverly's skin. 


  10. Even under the "Vampire Glamour" WayHaught is sweating theyselves. It's beautiful. Beautiful and purple and sultry and sparkly.


  11. This is what happens when the Vampire Vengabus tries to mess with our girls. "That's my girlfriend you blood-sucking, bitch!" Squeeee! Also, this ep went full-on Buffy; amazing!


  12. Squad. Roll. Deep. Yes, we all enjoy the WayHaught one-on-ones, but something about seeing the crew (sorry Dolls!) all ready to slay a demon ..ahem.. vampire in this case, warms the heart.


    VERDICT: 7/10 STEAMY. This was a triumphant return for WayHaught. We're over Hot Tub Gate 2017 and moving on to the great WayHaught Renaissance of 2018. Don't get me wrong, we're still on the wrong side of PG-13, but there's plenty of season to get that right. Till next week...