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Check out the Wynonna Earp Guide to Food and Drinks

Dig in and drink up, with these Earp-centric food and drink recipes.

By Seth Garben

The town of Purgatory is known more as being the home of the Ghost River Triangle and countless gunslingers, demons, revenants, and witches than as the culinary and mixology capital of the flyover states. But all that's about to change. As you're hungering for more Wynonna Earp, and thirsting after some more evil-busting action, feast your curiosity on this food and drink list.

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1.    Crocodile Skewers
At the end of Season 3, Wynonna manages to sink Julian's sword into Bulshar, wounding or maybe even killing him. Because Bulshar is reptilian deep down, a great meal to enjoy his possible death would be Crocodile Skewers:

•    You're going to want to cube your crocodile meat
•    Brush it with lime juice
•    Olive oil
•    A little black pepper (Bulshar's got a dark soul)
•    Spear it with a kabob
•    Light it up on the barbie
2.    Search Party Jerky
In Season 2, Doc is pursued by a figure from his past: Marshall Bass Reeves, who has a warrant for Doc's arrest. Reeves comes with a ghost posse that's been over 200 years in the making. The only food we know could last that long is good old beef jerky. The recipe for beef jerky:

•    Calls for flank steak
•    Worcestershire sauce
•    Salt
•    Pepper
•    Add some bourbon to that (because everyone added bourbon to everything in the Wild West)
3.    Pentagram Pumpkin Pie
Pentagrams play such an important role in the Earp saga -- whether it's summoning demons, or getting rid of them once and for all. For all you viewers at home, the good news is that you can enjoy all the geometric goodness of a pentagram without invoking any of its occult powers by simply adding them to your pumpkin pie crust. All you need is:

•    five equal strips of pie dough placed on top before you stuff it in the oven 


4.    Stone Witch Stone Soup
The Stone Witch endures so much before she's ultimately killed and buried under a small site of…stones. To honor her memory, you can make your soup from scratch:

•    Potatoes
•    Onions
•    Carrots
•    Celery and more
•    In a pot of water
•    Then add a small stone (or a dark blue potato that looks like a stone) and boil her up.

It up. Boil it up!  



1.   A Bulshar Bloody Mary
In Season 3, Jeremy concocts a potion which team Earp can use to pass through the forest to the stairway to heaven, and which includes some of Bulshar's flesh and blood. It looks strikingly similar to a Bloody Mary. A classic Bloody Mary is made with:

•    Vodka
•    Tomato or vegetable juice
•    Worcestershire sauce

To add the Earp twist:
•    Add extra French cornichons
•    Pepperoncini

To make it look like Bulshar's fingers are actually swirling around in there.

2.    Archangel Food Cake
When Julian, AKA Charlie, regains his memory, he remembers that he's actually an angel who slept with Michelle Gibson, and was father to Waverly. Swallow that bit of news with some calming Archangel Food Cake. Archangel Food Cake is just like Angel Food Cake which is made with:

•    Flour
•    Sugar
•    Egg whites
•    Cream of tartar

To add the Earp twist:
•    add some chocolate syrup drizzle

To bring out the dark side.

3.    The Widow's Spit
After the widows nearly did in Nicole, Wynonna had to extract some of Meredith Widow's spittle in order to decoct an antidote. Widow's Spit sounds like the kind of drink you want to have before a looooooong night at home plotting your revenge. It's got:

•    Sweet Vermouth (a widow-y drink)
•    Cynar (for the bitterness of the spit)
•    Bourbon (for the fire in the widow's heart)


4.    Baby Shower Gin and Tonic (Mocktail)
Season 3 is memorable for, among other things, being the season in which Wynonna gets pregnant and has a kid. Before she popped, Rosita, Waverly, and Nicole wanted to throw her a baby shower. While she's preggers, she's not allowed to drink—of course. For all you expectant mothers out there, this may make a baby shower utterly dreadful.

To add the pregnancy (i.e. non alcoholic) Earp twist:

•    Using herbal-infused water
•    Citrus rind
•    Simple syrup
•    And a little baking soda (to give it a bubbly characteristic)

5.    A Haught Toddy
We had to. Nicole's last name is Haught, and when she doesn't have Waverly to warm up against, or her patrol car, or a station heater at headquarters, she might as well whip up a Haught Toddy. The classic Hot Toddy has:

•    Bourbon
•    Honey
•    Lemon juice
•    And hot water

To add an Earp Twist:

•    Add a dash of dark red liqueur

This will give your warm drink a reddish tint, which matches with Officer Haught's red hair.


6.    Peacemaker 
Trusty old Peacemaker. If any weapon deserved to have a drink named after it, it's this demon-killer. After being fired off so many times, the word that comes to mind is, smoky. A Peacemaker captures that smokiness by:

•    Blending scotch whiskey
•    Cinnamon schnapps
•    Bitters
•    And a dash of lemon juice

Let these Earptastic recipes keep you warm at night (or during the day, we don't judge) until the new season of Wynonna Earp returns in 2020.