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Episode Recap: Afraid

Wynonna faces down an ancient enemy as Waverly and Nicole search for help.


When we last left Wynonna, she had just had her head bagged and was being abducted. By who? Black Badge. Black Badge is back… in black! Well, actually Deputy Assistant Director Naomi Haitcha is wearing a teal affair. But nonetheless, Wynonna finds out, in the BBD black site she was taken to, that BBD is no longer defunct. In fact, Jeremy's there too, and seems to be trying to keep Wynonna from blowing her cover as an Earp heir. 

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Meanwhile, Doc is maybe getting a little too friendly with the demon proprietor and staff of the Glory Hole, and he's now being plied with favors and shots of human blood. Speaking of demons, there's one out hunting Wynonna as we speak. Rachel and her friend Billy are also hunting, but not for people: for valuables left behind after the siege. They have a kind of will-they-or-won't-they relationship going. But Billy's family does own a junkyard, and it might just have in its possession, Peacemaker. 

After giving her a tour of the building and reinstating her, Jeremy shows Wynonna his arsenal, and the really cool weapons he's been engineering for the past year-and-a-half. She's going to need it, because the first mission Jeremy sends her on is to run supplies across the Ghost River Triangle border and fend off any demon marauders that will likely attack the truck (they've done it before!). 

Nicole, Waverly, and Rachel show up at Magpie's Junkyard, and Waverly accidentally stumbles into a barn where is chained up the same demon that was out hunting Wynonna before! Before she gets too close, Billy's mother Margo arrives and shows them the "for sale" section. When Waverly steps out to answer a call from Wynonna, Margo closes in on Nicole, warns her she better pay up now that her almost-fiancée is back. Smells like a quid-pro-quo.

On a run into Purgatory, the delivery van Wynonna's riding shotgun in drives over a panel of nails and throws a flat. The driver takes off running, leaving Wynonna to handle the looter, who happens to be… Doc. To hold on to the supplies, and in an attempt to be sexy, Wynonna handcuffs herself to a palette of liquor. Doc doesn't take the bait, and instead leaves to go fetch some tools to pry apart the restraints. But he's gone a long time, and that demon catches up with Wynonna at a most inconvenient moment. The demon, in its ham-fisted way, actually breaks Wynonna's chains; but it also cuts her weapon in half, so it lives to die another day.

And back at Magpie's, Rachel tries to tell Billy how she feels about him, but he tells her, for her own safety, to leave the junkyard. She takes it hard, collects Waverly and Nicole and leaves. Probably a good move too, because Margo does not like Earps, or Earp-sympathizers, and she can use a form of sorcery called "reaping" to curse folks she doesn't like. 

How does she do that? She "marks" them with mysterious stones in which are branded with a C — these are how her demon can track its target, like Wynonna. The C, Waverly learns after doing some research, stands for Clantons, a rival family sworn against the Earps many generations ago. 

The Reaper catches up with Wynonna in the woods, where she finds herself trapped inside the killing floor. Doc shows up but cannot see the Reaper Wynonna claims is pursuing her, but there's no time to convince him. Wynonna aims Doc's gun for him, and together they fire two shots into the Reaper. Unfortunately, that doesn't kill it. 

What does kill it? At the homestead, Billy performs an excruciating rite in which he extracts one of his teeth and exchanges his soul for Rachel's (Rachel had been wearing Wynonna's jacket, and so got mixed up with her). After he does that, he kind of, sort of breaks up with Rachel, but they were never really together, but exchanging your soul for someone else is like dating, so… anyway, he's outie. Back at the junkyard, Momma Clanton turns her own son, Billy, into the next Reaper, news which shares with her kith and kin, Sheriff Holt and Judge Clio. 

Wynonna returns to BBD HQ to lay down the gauntlet: she wants the organization's full support to kill these demons, and that includes sending Jeremy with her. Back at Magpie's, Nicole drops in to settle the score with Momma Clanton, who she solicited for help to rescue Doc and Waverly from the garden. Nicole gives back Momma Clanton a jar, a jar which, when Clanton opens it, releases a swarm of something otherworldly into the air, and into Nicole.