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Episode Recap: Friends in Low Places

Wynonna works with a new ally to rescue her family, but reunions come at a price.


We're in Monument, Nicole has just crossed over into the Garden, and awakened zombie/former Black Badge lab employees are salivating over the prospect of all-you-can-eat Wynonna and Rachel Valdez. Wynonna gives Rachel permission to beat it, with the promise that she'll come find her later.

Meanwhile, in the Garden, a mother naked Haught finds herself trapped in an invisible container, which neither she nor Doc can pass through. Doc resolves to find Waverly, who can probably help (she always does). When he finds her, Waverly professes a newfound feeling of responsibility for the Garden, which she attributes to her father being an angel (NBD), but she's willing to tear herself away for a few minutes to get an eyeful of her girlfriend. 

Unfortunately, that's all she's able to get because she's unable to pass through the forcefield either. That's probably a good thing, too, because whoever's in there ain't Nicole; the real Nicole is flat on her back at the lab after a long fall. The not-Haught is trying to convince Waverly not to feed the well, while also driving a wedge between her and Doc.

Meanwhile, Doc's gone down to the well, but is distracted when the wall opens a door leading to a lighted passageway. Doc enters it. 

After suiting up, Wynonna and Rachel find an injured Nicole about to get herself eaten by a zombified BBD. After fending off the zombie assailant, Rachel discovers that Nicole's leg is seriously broken. And Doc has found something intriguing tucked away inside the passage: a stone sculpture reflecting a few different faces of Nicole, or rather the thing impersonating Nicole. It's a telltale sign that whoever it is, it's no bueno. 
Back at the lab, Wynonna, Nicole, and Rachel are preparing to unlock the auxiliary portal to the Garden when Rachel finds her mother, dead, paralyzed in her final act of life: keeping said portal closed. In the
Garden, Doc's failure to feed the machine has allowed not-Nicole to break out of captivity and whisk Waverly away. And aboveground, not-Nicole reveals her true identity to Waverly: she's Eve, and she's looking to do damage to more than just a few apples. 

This Eve drags Waverly out into the wilderness, then goes all chameleon when Doc tries to break her stride, impersonating Jeremy and then Wynonna. Really tugging on the heartstrings. Interestingly enough, after Doc goes all out fighting for Waverly, it's the latter who zaps him unconscious in an effort to stick Eve back in her cell. 

Time for reinforcements! After a little pep talk, Nicole and Wynonna finally win over the motherless Rachel, and together they synchronize their keys and open up the portal. But because of her leg, Nicole has to sit this adventure out, and Rachel hangs back to look after her. So, Wynonna is on her own. 

Well, not really. Because when she passes through, she meets… herself, or rather, Wynonna-Eve. But before they can tango, Waverly assumes her daddy's throne, which effectively stops Eve in her tracks. But it does not stop Doc from mistaking the real Wynonna for the Eve-Wynonna and picking a fight with her. Wynonna has to whip out their safe word for sexy time escapades before he believes that it's really her. It goes to show that from the bedroom paradise to the biblical paradise, it pays to have a safe word. 

After being spared, Wynonna rushes over to the enthroned Waverly to persuade her to come back; but the half-angel is adamant to her pleas. But she proves to go all mushy-gooshy when Wynonna produces Waverly's engagement ring, and relays that Nicole plans to say yes. That gets Wave off the throne right quick. Our three heroes reunite, and rush through a glowing door back to Purgatory, just in the nick of time. 
The three of them arrive in Purgatory but separated. Waverly runs back to the homestead and is greeted with gunfire. Who's holding the gun? Nicole. And she doesn't have a broken leg anymore. When she realizes who she was aiming at, she's sorry. They kiss, they make up, it's all good.

But it's not all good. A lot of time has passed since they ventured into the garden. A year and a half, actually. And a lot has changed, too. For one, Purgatory is under siege. 

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