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Episode Recap: Holy War: Part 1

Trouble at the Homestead leads to payback time for a deadly deal.


Wow. So, remember when Mam Clanton opened up a jar of bad, and out swarmed a swarm of nasty that flew straight into Nicole's mouth? We remember to. Well, it gives her nightmares — really messed up nightmares. Thankfully they wake her up just as there's a fire at the homestead, and she manages to carry Waverly out of the smokey inferno. 

Thankfully everyone makes it out alive, and Rachel found the fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Doc and Wynonna jump into some detective work and hop on over to the Glory Hole for answers. The proprietor, Amon, encourages Wynonna to take vengeance on this demon scourge that set fire to the homestead, and even knows where she can find Peacemaker. Intriguing. But why? Because he wants the Clantons out of the picture. 

And at the police depot, Jeremy wrangles back the old BBD office from Clio and Holt to set up shop once again. Everyone gathers there to plan the next move in locating Peacemaker. Everyone, except Rachel, who's staking out the Magpie Junkyard… which seems to be taken over by a herd of deer! 

Wynonna and Doc follow Amon's advice to the Ghost River Triangle museum. It's there that Wynonna gets a glimpse of someone she's never seen before: Wyatt Earp, on film. The elder Earp mentions that it was Doc who fired the first shot in the standoff with the Clantons — but that's not how Doc remembers the situation.

Meanwhile, back at Black Badge, Jeremy has found some files on the Clantons that might prove useful. If only Haught could stop retching and throwing up frogs and instead do some reading, she might be able to find some information! But no, that hex Mam cast on her has got her acting mad strange.

Back at the museum, Doc and Wynonna find what it is that Amon's connections want: a painting named "A Woman Scorned," an abstract expressionist knockoff. But, hey, everyone's a critic. They grab the painting, and run; outside, in front of a bar with a Celtic insignia on it, bells inexplicably start ringing, and Wynonna and the painting both disappear. 

When she reappears, she's in the Sanctuary of the Scorned Women, where she's met by the mother superior. Wynonna forks over the painting, and the nun invites Wynonna into the arsenal (who knew sanctuaries had those?), but to no avail. The painting, however, morphs into something more figurative. 

And back at the homestead, Jeremy thinks he's identified a reversal spell that might relieve Nicole of her frog-vomit problems. Seems like every time she tries to tell anyone what her deal with Mam was to save her family, she starts spewing those amphibs. When she returns to the house, she dumps out the potion Jeremy and Waverly had been cooking up and reaches for the cutlery drawer. This can't be good. 

It's not. She goes swinging knives and cleavers at Doc and Wynonna in the shed, and cuts Wynonna's arm before she's disarmed and subdued. She snaps out of it, but not before realizing that it was her who started the fire the night before. She's under some wicked imprecation. When Nicole snaps out of it, the group decides to go in search of the gulch depicted in the painting — it's there that they might find Peacemaker, which they'll need before taking on the Clantons. 

Rachel, meanwhile, is still snooping around Magpie, looking for Billy. She rings his phone, but no answer. So, she goes even deeper into the junkyard. She doesn't spot him at first, but Billy is there, looking like last year's tenderloin. 

Back at the homestead, Nicole has tricked Waverly into being handcuffed so as not to be able to follow her and Jeremy as try to break the spell. For their first stop, Nicole and Jeremy go to Shorty's bar, where the frog-belcher asks Nedley for a favor: to kill her. How? By drowning her in an ice saltwater bath. 

And Doc and Wynonna make it out to the gulch and locate their woman scorned: it's Rosita.  

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