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Episode Recap: Holy War: Part 2

The gang races to save one of their own, but are hindered by unseen forces.


Who doesn't love a good exorcism? In Shorty's Bar, Jeremy is preparing to transfer Nicole's consciousness into one of the regurgitated frogs while simultaneously dropping the body temperature of the human Haught close to freezing as she lies in an ice bath, while Sheriff Nedley in a bearskin headdress intones some spells. That's just when Waverly enters, perplexed (understandably), particularly at the her-girlfriend's-mind-in-a-frog development. 

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Meanwhile, over at the Junkyard, mamma Clanton is counteracting Jeremy's exorcism with another hex of her own: this time, she sics her monster-son Billy on Waverly. And out in the gulch, Wynonna and Doc are confabbing with Rosita, who had been on the run from some Revenants and sought refuge on the outcropping — from which she is afraid to descend lest she meet her demise. Turns out, the rock is made of amylite, a stone once used to ward off Revenants, now seemingly able to protect them. If there's more of it, they can use it to get Rosita off the island and back to the nunnery, in exchange for Peacemaker. 

Back at the bar, Jeremy is ready to bring Nicole back from the dead when the saloon doors fly open and in comes Billy, hunting Waverly. Except Waverly is the only one who can see him. At the same time, Nedley accidentally knocked over frog-Haught, who got mixed up with the other regurgitated frogs on the floor. When frog-Haught senses Waverly is in danger, she ejects her spectral self from the frog, attacks Billy, and locks him down in the basement. 

Using chips of amylite, Wynonna and Doc are able to help Rosita down from the crag. When the sister's Celtic knot appears in the landscape, Wynonna whisks Rosita into it, and they are transported away. When they arrive at the sanctuary, the mother superior pits the two against each other in a fight to the death. Very un-nunny-like. Makes sense, because she's a demon nun. They all are. So, hip to the demon nun's plans, Wynonna and Rosita forego their fight to the death and go in search of Peacemaker together.  

Back at the bar, Nicole has discovered that she can manipulate the lights as a way to transmit a message to her friends. She exhorts them to go down to the basement, where, if you recall, is Billy. Nicole swiftly invades Billy's body in order to speak to Waverly and tell her what's up. Basically, the covenant she made with the Clantons is only terminated when both parties die. So, Waverly sets out for the Clanton Junkyard to put an end to it once and for all.

Sheriff Holt, meanwhile, picked up a trespassing Rachel and hauled her into the office for questioning. He called Doc in as well to square some matters away. He wants the Clantons and the Earps to bury the hatchet once and for all. Doc agrees, and the Sheriff goes back to mamma Clanton to work out the details. 

Speaking of hatchets, Wynonna and Rosita find themselves in the arsenal and there, express their mutual admiration. Something about that sisterhood lights up Peacemaker like a roman candle, and it flies into Wynonna's hands. Just in time, too, because the demon nun (who's actually Medea) enters with her sisters armed to the hilt. Wynonna exercises her inheritance and shoots her between the eyes. The other nuns, freed from Medea's terror, swear loyalty to Wynonna.

But when they try to follow Wynonna out, she protests— she's not the one to lead them. Rosita volunteers to stay behind with the ladies, whom she recognizes as Wyatt's "collateral damage" from his vendetta sprees. Before Wynonna takes off, Rosita imparts this bit of information: she kidnapped Alice because Margo put a bounty on the babe's head. That's enough to get Wynonna to beeline it straight there. 

But Waverly beats her there, with a shotgun in hand. She confronts Margo in the shed, and mamma Clanton spills on her hex: in exchange for bringing Doc and Waverly back from the other side, Nicole offered to bring her Doc. The two tussle and Waverly whips out some angel powers onto Margo… seemingly killing her. Just then at the bar, Nicole wakes up from her ice bath (hardly pruned, we might add). 

Sheriff Holt and Wynonna, in separate cars, show up at the Junkyard. Holt learns his mother's dead, and the vendetta is back on the table. He and Wynonna square off, just as Doc fires a warning shot in the air. He manages to talk Holt down and into lowering his weapon, even for grabbing a drink. That's when Wynonna shoots the Clanton heir in the back, much to Doc's disappointment.

That night at the homestead, the whole gang gathers to celebrate being alive again. And do shots. Lots of 'em. What a perfect time for Waverly to finish popping the question to Nicole… who accepts! But not all is wine and roses: Doc, feeling betrayed by Wynonna's unrelenting quest for vengeance, leaves, teary-eyed. Where to? Only time will tell.