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Wynonna Earp Fans Show Their Love Through Billboards

Dear Earpers, you rock!


ICYMI Wynonna Earp fans (lovingly known as Earpers) are serious about the show's return. Here's some important math to prove it!

  • 127 dedicated Earpers from at least 25 different countries (see map below) contributed funds, art, messaging and love to make the purchase of 108+ billboards possible


  • Not the be left out of the fun, the cast and crew bought an additional 7 billboards to show their gratitude
  • Then, BigSignMessage got in on the action and put up over 20 additional billboards in support of the #FightForWynonna campaign

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Here's a couple of shots of the awesome displays. Nice work, Earpers!
Photo Credit: #NYBillBoardCrew

Wynonna Billboard1


Moral of the story? Nobody loves harder or bolder or stronger than a Wynonna Earp fan. And as we all wait on baited breath for the series return in 2020, check out some of the most memorable moments (like the first time Waverly met Nicole or the time Wynonna was ambushed by the Widows) from Seasons 1 - 3, here!