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Wynonna Earp Season 4 Will Return to SYFY in Summer 2020

Earpers rejoice! Your favorite Purgatorians are coming back!


This. Is. Not. A. Drill. Wyonna Earp is returning and we’ve got a quote from Showrunner, Emily Andras to prove it:

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“We are absolutely thrilled that we get to make more Wynonna Earp,’and are grateful to our networks and partners for working hard to ensure we can,” said Emily Andras, Showrunner and Executive Producer. “This is an enormous testament to our passionate and fierce fans, the Earpers, who remind us every day how to fight like hell for the things you love with wit, ferocity and kindness.”

Well said, Emily! And while we wait with bated breath (trust, we're proud Earpers, too!) for all-new episodes to return (hurry up, 2020!) here’s 6 questions we *hope* will be answered in Season 4:

1. Where in the heck was Waverly carried off to and does she have enough snacks to eat? JK. But for reals, something tells us that the “garden” she's in no paradise.  


2. Remember how Waverly popped the question? Will Nicole ever have a chance to say yes?! Dear God, we hope so!


3. Will Mercedes continue to rock evening wear during the daytime?


4. Will Jeremy and Robin finally get a couple name? What do you guys think about Jobin or ...should it be Reremy instead?


5. Kate! Your introduction into the fold was troublesome for our girl, Wynonna, but you pulled through for the team when it mattered. Will you grace us with your presence once more? We hope it’s in the cards…#punintended


6. Now that everyone's disappeared, do Wynonna and Nedly have what it takes to fight the baddies of Purgatory all by themselves? ...We think so!



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