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Watch All 6 Seasons of Xena: Warrior Princess on !

Warriors rejoice! You can now watch every episode, featuring Xena and Gabrielle in all their glory, right here on for FREE!

Xena (Lucy Lawless) - Xena: Warrior Princess

Here’s the top six reasons to watch all six seasons of Xena: Warrior Princess right here on!

1. Lucy Lawless, obviously -  Forged in the heat of battle, we can’t imagine anyone else in the titular role of this girl power series that ruled the late 90s and we know you can’t either. Lawless was and is the embodiment of a strong female lead, a character that people from diverse backgrounds can identify with.


2. Xena and Gabrielle’s friendship -  If our friends aren’t willing to help us fight ruthless warlords and gods in an ancient mythological world and then help us stay on the path of good, then we don’t want ‘em. #friendshipgoals


3. Ares: god of War - His relationship with Xena was complicated and at times, so was our relationship with the character (gods of war are hard to love). But one thing remains certain, the late Kevin Smith was a great actor and we’re so thankful that he lives on through his unforgettable performances in the series.

4. Xena’s battle cry -  Guys, someone literally created a ONE HOUR video loop of Xena’s Ululation. Google it or celebrate your fandom in a slightly less ALL CAPS manner by reliving the battle cry gracefully as you watch all 134 full episodes.

5. Xena’s Chakram - Because no hero is complete without their signature weapon. We love watching Xena wield her chakram like a boss.


6. Other Xena fans - There are few communities (besides a certain hive that comes to mind…) that come together to express their pride, love and fandom of all things Xena. Whether it’s your favorite episode, costume or top moment, Tweet us @SYFY  to let us - and the world wide web - know what you’re digging about Seasons 1 - 6.

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