O Citizen Z, Where Art Thou?

Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 07:00

Okay, so … where the heck is Private First Class Simon Cruller, aka Citizen Z?

We haven't seen our favorite NSA refugee since Season 2, Episode 2: "White Light," which has us wondering what he's been doing for the past, like, seven episodes.

We of course hope he's A-OK, though in the world of Z Nation, any number of horrible and/or bizarre scenarios could've befallen our calming voice in a landscape of disaster.

  1. When we last saw Citizen Z, a lot of this kind of thing was going on at the Northern Lights listening outpost in the Arctic Circle.


  2. So where is he now, and what is he doing? Are we just not reading the signs?


  3. Did he set up his easy listening station in some other locale?


  4. Is he making weird fan films about the deceased members of Operation Bitemark?


  5. Did his imaginary cosmonaut friend Yuri come back? Are they just drunk on vodka and playing video games?


  6. Or did they get in a fight again?


  7. Crap, did Yuri actually kill his pal this time? We hope not.


  8. Wait a minute … that's not Citizen Z, is it?


  9. We've got to stop with these doomsday scenarios. He's probably dispatched with all the Z's at Northern Lights and is idly passing the time.


  10. "Gee, I sure wish Addy would call … "


  11. No doubt he and Dog are just on vacation, enjoying some grilling ...


  12. … and some much-needed R&R.


  13. We miss you, Citizen Z! Come back to Z Nation soon!