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Episode Recap: Fracking Zombies


Citizen Z starts off trying to get in touch with the Mount Wilson Station, but they’re under attack by zombies. In order to get them out, he needs to fry their mainframe remotely, but doing so will erase all of the data files in the place, including the information on the vaccine. As he watches zombies storm in, he executes the command, deleting even Murphy’s file as the Mount Wilson Command Center falls.

Meanwhile, the team is stranded by the side of the road when one of their vehicles runs out of gas. Additionally, they need to pull a zombie out from under a tire. But as two motorcycle guys go by, Cassandra hides her face. Why? What’s her story anyway?

As Citizen Z realizes that someone is inbound to the Northern Lights listening station and it could be people or it could be zombies, he arms himself. Meanwhile, the team stops by a shopping mall to look for gas and supplies. While there, Travis, one of the bikers they saw on the road earlier turns up and says that there could be gas at a refinery in New Jersey.

The team heads to the refinery while Citizen Z battens down his hatches in the arctic listening station. As a zombie on a dogsled arrives, Citizen Z shoots the zombie but realizes the dog is still alive. Is anyone else worried that the dog is a zombie dog? Oh wait, turns out there’s one of those too.

As the team pulls into the refinery, they realize that it looks more like a zombie factory. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but whatever is inside the place is something the zombies want. The team can smell gasoline so they know that it’s there and thus decide that they’re going to go inside and check the place out, but also it’s possible they can steal a gasoline tanker. Cassandra knows that zombies like high-pitched noises -- like the music box she wears as a necklace.

As Cassandra and Travis the biker go up to the top of the staircase, he tells her that she needs to come home. They know each other! Meanwhile, Addy and Mack are close behind, and cavalierly killing zombies on their way up. When they get the machine at the top of the refinery jammed, they learn that the zombies are trying to throw themselves into the pit of oil. But meanwhile, the zombies are also coming for Cassandra’s music box.

As Roberta and Charles fill up the tanker truck, Murphy and Doc play cards and tell their backstories. Murphy lies, saying that he volunteered for the zombie virus trial. Up on top of the gas station, Cassandra and Travis fight about the fact that she’s never going home and the Travis asks, “What happens when I tell them what you are?” What is she?

Back in the listening station up north, Citizen Z is playing a game of cat and mouse with two dogs. The good dog seems just as afraid of the zombie dog as Citizen Z is, and he is running all over the place with his gun. Back at the refinery, zombies are everywhere as Doc fights them off. 10K the sharpshooter picks them off but Murphy drives off in the suburban before he can get back in.

As the zombies close in around them, Charles tells Roberta and the others to go while he saves Murphy. Meanwhile, Travis the biker holds Cassandra hostage at the top of the building and tells her it’s time to go home. She kicks him off the top of the structure, where zombies get him. Citizen Z eventually kills the zombie dog. The team finally gets the zombies to catch fire, Addy gets her bat back, and they connect with Citizen Z via a telephone he can access through the NSA’s listening devices.

As the team roll on to their next adventure, two bikers show up and recognize the (now zombie) Travis. They spike him. Who are these dudes?