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Episode Recap: Home Sweet Zombie


The team makes a pit stop at an abandoned country house. As Mack and Addy sneak upstairs to have sex in an actual bed, Roberta and Charles explore the yard and kill all the Z's that rush the electrified fence surrounding the property.

As her romantic chemistry with Charles starts to churn, Roberta reveals that they're near her hometown, and she has no interest in paying a visit. According to her, the past is the past, though she's haunted by the memory of her husband, Antoine, whose current status -- alive or dead -- is unknown.

Meanwhile, upstairs in the bedroom, Mack and Addy's attempt at lovemaking is interrupted when she has a violent flashback to something that pretty much randomly incapacitates her throughout the rest of the episode. Outside, the storm is brewing and zombies are attacking through the electric fence, so the team flees the scene.

Up north in the listening station, a fairly drunk Citizen Z stumbles across weather maps of the country and advises the team to get indoors. As the team members debate what to do, they end up being forced to head to Castle Point ... you guessed it, Roberta’s hometown.

When they arrive in Castle Point, Roberta finds a photo of Antoine, her husband. The team seeks shelter at Roberta's old house, where they find a young woman watching over her seriously wounded husband. When Roberta asks what they’re doing there, the woman answers, "The fireman said we'd be safe here."

Roberta asks the young woman if Antoine is the fireman who brought them there, though she's too panicked about her wounded husband to confirm one way or another. Meanwhile, zombies approach the house ... and the wind's really picking up.

In the upstairs bathroom, Murphy discovers that his skin condition is getting worse, his hair is falling out and his teeth are rotting -- is he going full zombie? Over at the fire station, Charles and Roberta find supplies and Roberta regrets not waiting to see her husband before she left Castle Point.

Suddenly, zombie firemen attack the fire station! Roberta and Charles kill one of them, which prompts Roberta to think that it may be her husband Antoine ... but a closer look reveals it's actually his best friend, Dearborn.

Back at Roberta's old house, the gang has taken refuge in the basement. Addy continues suffering her random nightmare flashbacks as Mack and Doc drill a hole in the wounded young husband's head to relieve some pressure. When the drill breaks off, they use Mack's gun to hammer it in. Blood spurts everywhere, which, according to Doc, is a good thing.

Back at the fire station, Roberta holds a funeral for the dead firemen. As she and Charlie go out to fight the rest of the zombies, they're surprised to find there aren't any. They drive back to Roberta's house as the tornado -- and also what is possibly, yes, a 'zombie-nado' -- descends on them.

Meanwhile, Murphy has developed something of an empathy toward zombies and tries to figure out what really makes them tick. Roberta finds her wedding album and decides to not join the others in the safety of the basement -- she's going to sit in the living room and "wait for Antoine."

Whilst the rest of the team hunkers down at Roberta's house, Cassandra and 10K have taken shelter in an abandoned car. As the tornado tosses the vehicle about, 10K notices Cassandra holding onto his knee. Love is in the air (along with a bunch of zombies)! A mighty gust of wind flips the car over but the (probably) lovers-to-be survive the storm.

As the tornado rocks Roberta's house, Murphy holds a zombie close for protection (or is Murphy protecting it?) and someone in a fireman outfit protects Roberta from the storm. When Roberta gains consciousness, she's miraculously survived the devastation, though her mysterious savior is nowhere to be found.

As the storm passes and the team prepares to continue their journey west, Murphy continues to freak out, Doc sacrifices some morphine to the young married couple and Charlie fulfilles his lifelong dream of pulling the horn on a fire truck. As they leave town, we see a lone zombie fireman walking through a field ... Roberta's husband, Antoine.